Book Review: When I was you

This is my review of When I was You by author Minka Kent.

The story is told from the POV of each main character. It's a thriller. This is the first time I have read this author, and it was free on Amazon KU with my prime membership.  I was not in contact with the author at any point in regards to reading or reviewing this book. There are no warnings about this book, almost anyone, teen and older could enjoy it.

It starts with an act of violence and a key.

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The characters... let's meet them

Brienne Dougray- attacked and suffering from debilitating migraines, memory loss and self doubt, she is tasked with finding out what is happening.  To her benefit, she has some memories, remembers smells and has a healthy dose of determination, plus seems like a decent person for someone who was left a boatload of money.

Dr. Niall Emberlin- her current tenant and rock, seemingly gentle and kind, helping her feel not quite so alone....

Kate Emberlin-apparently the soon to be divorced wife of Dr. Emberlin according to her diary.

Brienne Dougray 2.0- WTF! Who is this woman who looks, dresses, smells and drives the same car.

My two cents
Let's start with the positives. The story was a pretty good read. It seemed to be paced just about right.  It had heart, was relatable and you would say likable characters, until they weren't. Once you read the book you will understand. It reads with a hint of psychological thrill. But not quite that. its entertaining and will keep you glued to the pages.

There is some serious mind fuckery going on,  but not in the way you would assume.

As an African American woman,  I really liked that the story was told without leaning heavily on race. The only subtle mention was the cover and one line in the book. It read as if this could happen to anyone. The author did a wonderful job of focusing on the personalities, plot and story line, giving just enough information for the reader to imagine the characters in their own mind.

The book had some shocking twists.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you are literally gut punched with the reveal. You read it then go back a swipe to make sure you didn't miss anything. Or maybe I am just slow on figuring out the plot. Who knows....who cares.
The literally like feel you have been gut punched with the reveal. The story picks up pace at this point.

All through the story, you think you have everything figured out and then wow....just wow! You may find yourself a little bit pissed off. That's ok, it will be warranted. I liked the book, it was a good read.

My favorite line in the actually the reveal, so I  can't include it this time my lovelies.

I give When I Was You  3 and 1/2 🔎🔎🔎.5  

The reason for the score was that I liked it, and it was entertaining. I would recommend that you go get a copy to read on a lazy afternoon two. You can get it on Amazon or KU  if you are a prime Member.


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