Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 7

Lost Bride: Highland Passage 3 by author J.L. Jarvis

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His future is her past, and their love is lost somewhere in between. When her groom arrives at the altar and announces the wedding is canceled, Lucy Buchanan flees into the woods. Hearing well-meaning but unhelpful bridesmaids approaching, she ducks into a stone chamber and emerges on the other side, where she’s about to be trampled by a horse. She’s rescued from danger by Rory Munro, the valiant but troubled son of a wealthy Highland laird. At first convinced that she’s dreaming, Lucy begins to realize that she’s stumbled into 1746 Scotland and must find her way back through what Rory calls the “fairy cairn.” In the meanwhile, she might just be falling in love. Betrayed years ago, Rory is certain he’ll never love again. Then a lost bride awakens the trust in his heart that was broken. If Lucy leaves, she’ll return to a time when his future is her past and their love is lost somewhere between. Book 3 of the Highland Passage Sco…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 6

Celtic Blades and Battles II: Four Celtic-Themed Medieval Romances by author Kathryn Le Veque
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Welcome to all things Celtic, Medieval, and romantic....

The Celts were spread through out Ireland and Scotland, men and women of power and determination, and in the pages of this limited edition collection, you'll find an explosion of legendary Celtic adventure and passion. Through the mists of time, these tales bring forth the very best in Celtic historical romance. Also included is an exclusive sneak-peak of HIGH WARRIOR, Le Veque's exciting April 2018 release.

In this collection, you will find:

Black Sword: An Irish rebel, an English captive, and an unforgettable romance explodes.

The Darkland: An Irish legacy knight serves a wicked lord with a terrible secret.

Echoes of Ancient Dreams: A Dark Ages Irish king is transported to modern times and back again.

SeaWolfe: An English pirate and his Irish prisoner find love on the shores of Cornwall.

And an exclusive excerpt from HIGH WARRI…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 5 post 2

A Selkie’s Magic (The Selkies Heart Book 1) by author Lana Lea Short

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Aileana Sutherland is a strong-willed, independent young Southern California surfer, who decides to move to Scotland her father’s homeland. She’s prompted to relocate after an awful heart-wrenching break-up with her boyfriend, who she caught him having sex with another woman.

She wants only to escape the painful memories of his betrayal. She knows she needs a change of scenery and decides to stay at her grandmother’s cottage while her heart heals. Aileana is sure time and distance are what she needs to get over her heartbreak. Her grandmother’s Highland home on the sea cliffs outside of Durness, Scotland calls to her soul. As a writer, she is able to work anywhere. She’s writing a piece on oil well platforms located offshore near her grandmother’s home, which makes Scotland the perfect place to lick her wounds and move on with her life.

Instead, she runs into a man from her past, Kendrick Morgan. A man with g…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 5

The Selkie Bride:A Scottish Paranormal Romance
 (Sea Fey Book 1) by author Melanie Jackson

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Recently widowed, Megan Culbin has inherited more than just a quaint cottage on the Scottish coast; she has inherited the ire of an ancient monster—and the protection of a virile selkie warrior. Print

The Selkie: A Scottish Paranormal Romance (Sea Fey Book 2)

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When a young woman is sequestered at a Scottish castle, she accidentally completes an ancient ritual that summons a mythical prince, who turns out to be everything she's ever desired.

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Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018:Day 4 post 2

Lir's Lady: A Fada Shapeshifter Story (The Fada Shapeshifter Series) by author Rebecca Rivard

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**Lir's Lady is a sexy five-chapter novelette set in Rebecca Rivard’s Fada Shapeshifters World.**

He’s back to claim his mate…
As a young man, Irish pΓΊca shapeshifter Lir fell hard for the beautiful sun fae Lady Isleen. But he left when he realized that to the powerful, highborn fae, he’d never be more than a bodyguard—and her toy in bed.

Isleen couldn’t let herself love the sexy young shifter. After all, Lir was only fifty turns of the sun—barely a man in fae time. Besides, to the fae, love is a game. But now Lir’s back—and he’s definitely a man. A man who will do whatever it takes to convince Isleen that she's his mate. 

Let the games begin…

Lir's Lady is a standalone fantasy/paranormal romance novelette with an HEA. For readers 18+ only. Note: This story was included in the Once Upon a Midnight Solstice collection.

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 4

The Double Tale: Highlander Menage MFM Romance Story by author Geneva Varghese

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Fiona Helton is a young maid who lives alone on her family farm. Her days are monotonous and similar until she is on her way to the well and meets two brooding highlanders. She does not expect them to pay her any mind, but that is what they do indeed. She finds herself tangled between two men, discovering herself. But she finds herself drawn to only one in particular. 

She enters a new life with the sons of the laird, and tries her best to fit in. She is not sure of her love for Carson, a warrior for the laird, but she does not have much time to make a choice.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS bonus steamy romance stories inside!

Available in Print and on Kindle

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Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 3

Kilty Secrets (Clash of the Tartans Book 1) by author Anna Markland

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Highlander adventure. Highlander Romance. Kilty secrets abound in this romantic comedy!

As the chief's second son, Ewan MacKinloch resents being offered up as the sacrificial lamb in a marriage arranged to end a 300-year feud with the MacCarrons.

Ewan trades places with a one-armed clansman in the hopes Shona MacCarron will refuse to go through with the wedding, but unbeknownst to him, Shona, too, has traded places with an aunt known as Lady Lazy-Eye so she can avoid the marraige arranged after the recent death of her father.

Confusion reigns when alchemy draws them to each other and they risk aiding the cause of factions ambitious to usurp the hereditary MacCarron chieftaincy.

Available in Print and on Kindle

Get the sequel: Kilted at the Altar

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A rip-roaring comedic romance set in the Highlands of Scotland, part of the bestselling "Clash of the Tartans" series! Who jilted whom? Darroch MacKe…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 2 post 2

A Welsh Ghost Story ('Twas a Misty Eve' Celtic Horror Stories Collection Book 1) by author David Boulton

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This is the first book of the ''Twas a Misty Eve' Celtic Horror Stories Collection.
If you like this book, please enjoy the second book of the collection, entitled
'An Irish Ghost Story'.
Is it possible for a house to drive one mad? Can one belong to a house? Why would one feel that one belongs to a house? Can a house be waiting for one to arrive at its doors? Is reality far more complex a thing than what we can feel and see? These are just a few of the questions that might run through your you read....A Welsh Ghost Story.
This book is treasure chest of information about the customs, clothes, food, etc...of the bygone century, and place, in which the story is set.

An Irish Ghost Story ('' 'Twas a Misty Eve' Celtic Horror Stories Book 2)

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Second in the Collection known as '' 'Twas a Misty Eve…

Luck of the Irish Author Event 2018: Day 2

Unbreakable (Highlands Forever Book 1) by author Violetta Rand

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Sworn to forget his past….

Alex MacKay has roamed the world as a mercenary, trying to forget his shattered past. But when he’s summoned by his brother to defend clan lands, the very man who betrayed him and married the woman he loved, he’s surprised to learn that the spirited Keely not only abandoned his brother on their wedding night, but never returned.

Sworn to embrace a new future…

Keely Oliphant fled home on her wedding night and sought refuge among the Sutherlands, the enemies of her clan. Years later, ready to make amends for her past, Keely braves returning to her family.

But nothing is the same, and Keely is forced to face the new MacKay laird—Alex—the man she once loved.

Alex refuses to forgive her, but demands she honor their years-old betrothal. The MacKays need an heir.

Facing yet another marriage she doesn’t want, Keely tries to resist Alex’s loveless seduction.

But as time passes, old feelings are rekindled.