15 Days of Fantasy: Fireflight

Fireflight ( EarthCrossing Book 1)


Fireflight is the story of a youth, traveling across an America stripped of technology and filled with mythical creatures, trying to rescue his mother from a realm beyond his reach.
One year ago, J.J. was an ordinary teenager. All he wanted was to spend time with his friends and become a famous rock star. Then the creatures of legend and myth returned to Earth in a world-wide cataclysm. Humans, forced to rebuild, suddenly had to learn to live among elves, fairies, dwarves, and magic. Society lost its power and technology, but J.J. lost his mother, the one person he could never live without.
Now there’s a chance she’s still alive, trapped in another dimension, and J.J.’s dad is determined to get her back. Father and son must venture across a deadly landscape, never sure if they’ll even survive the journey, or each other.
J.J. will have to fight for everything he holds dear, but if he can learn to have faith, he may just save what was lost, and discover what kind of man he’s going to become in these uncertain new days of Earth. 


Author Gregory Grayson

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