A Rainbow Author Event: Day 6

Romance: Gay Paranormal: Hunted by Vampires (Book 1 of 3) by author Anna Holloway

Living in the small town of Garland for a very long time, Eric realizes that his peaceful time here has come to an end and he must move elsewhere, before the people get suspicious.

Why will they get suspicious? Because Eric is a not just any ordinary human being – he is a vampire.

Sired by his innocent seeming but powerfully bloodthirsty uncle Cassius, Eric reminisces the journey he made from being a mundane human with desires, to a bloodthirsty vampire and then finally to a vampire whose conscience had finally broken out and made him a peace loving creature of the night. He finds a job almost immediately in a tiny town named Kelvin, and to his immense happiness evens a good friend in the form of a co-worker named Simon. Sparks fly between them almost instantly, kindling gently into something more.

But danger lurks right around the corner, unknown to Eric. What shred of his past still looms on the horizon, and when will it strike? Will Eric be able to face the dangers while confining to his principles of peace?

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