Writer Spotlight: Doug Howery

Author Doug Howery

Content Title :: The Grass Sweeper God

So what's it about? :: 
Whores, harlots & homosexuals...God, guns & gays...
The book centers around a close-knit family of drinking, fighting,  
womanizing with mental and physical cruelty to women forming a main theme,  
juxtaposed beside nation-wide societal change:  The historical NYC gay  
riots of 1969; Stonewall.

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In the Author's Words :: 
Words inspire...be they the fruit on the tree or 
the poison on the page...I'm inspired with word craft. I have been noted 
for having a poison pen. But, I'm a storyteller. If there's poison in the 
brew, words are the charcoal to absorb the poison. The poison has to be 
diagnosed first. Writing is the diagnosis consisting of full, rounded & 
fleshed out characters. A plot that moves in, around & back onto itself. 
My words are my life just as the stories I tell about real-life people with 
real hard-core passions and prejudices. I give voice to those in society 
that have been marginalized. My word craft puts the downtrodden center 
stage for the whole world to hate or love & to feel some empathy or even 
sympathy. Diversity fights adversity...
My writing genre is family saga.

From the book :: Chapter One  1950s

Book Excerpt:

This godforsaken place was the backwoods of Appalachia coal mining  

country.  And being sixteen meant a cultured age of about ten or twelve,  

really.   Especially if you were retarded and rode the short bus.  This  

meant riding a school bus designated specifically as the retarded kids’  

bus, but it also meant boarding normal kids alongside retards at each bus  

stop.  The only real specificity:  If you were trapped inside the wrong  
body—if you were a young man who wanted to be a young woman—you were the  
bull’s eye in the kids’ cross-hairs because you were the biggest, retarded  
mongoloid excrement of ‘em all, really.   Excrement being too proper of a  
word:  Specifically you got the ‘cultured’ and ‘godforsaken’ shit kicked  
outtaya every school day by retards and rednecks.   Proper language left  
this place along with any civility once branded as a retarded freak,  
really.  Indifference to proper language and civility ruled the day, and  
brutality beat the night.

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Your favorite author (s)? :: 
Steven King

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: 
Persevere.  Don't give up no matter how  
much your craft is criticized.  Take the helpful advice.  Learn from the  
critics.  Just know; no one can or will walk a mile in your shoes; it's a  
lonely profession, so snuggle up to the words on the page; they're your  
mile long walk.  There's no failure if you dust yourself off & get back up  
on the horse, huh.

What's on the Horizon? ::

Screenplay.  I am in the process of adapting my  
novel entitled, The Grass Sweeper God into a screenplay.  The screenplay  
version will be entitled, Dorothy of Oz Coal Camp.


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