A Rainbow Author Event: Day 3

Claw and Crown Bundle: A Gay Viking Historical Fantasy Shifter Romance Series 
by author Richard Lunch

Claw and Crown 1 and 2 will take you deep into the high fantasy world of the Wolf Kingdom where virile men - and wolf-men battle for love, lust, and their lives. This sultry series is perfect for fans of Viking lore, shifter romance, and anyone looking for heart-pounding, throbbing action.

Claw and Crown

Varghoss lives a lonely, tortured life under his stepfather, the king. He is the prince and true heir, but no one in the castle would dare to befriend Varghoss, lest they risk incurring the king’s wrath. Friendless, Varghoss has only his dreams of a strong, handsome, alpha male to comfort him. Still, he imagines that he will never know the touch…or the love that he longs for.

But when the man he’s seen in his nightly visions suddenly appears in the woods while Varghoss is on patrol, the wheels of fate begin to turn, and it’s all Varghoss can do to hang onto his own life as his world turns upside down.

Varghoss learns that the man from his dreams is Ulfvaldr, the leader of the shifter Wolf Tribe. When Ulfvaldr kidnaps Varghoss, hoping to incite a war for revenge with Varghoss’s stepfather, Varghoss must make a choice. Will he follow his desire for Ulfvaldr and help him take his kingdom from his stepfather?

His choice leads him down a dangerous path of battle, lust, and ancient magic. Varghoss will discover more about himself, who his parents truly were, and his kingdom than he ever thought possible.

Follow Varghoss as he embarks on a sword and sorcery adventure that could cost him everything or win him love, a child, and the only chance he has to learn who his parents really were and the true history of his ancient, Viking kingdom.

Claw and Crown 2

When Draugr sees Hafporir, he sees a brat who has no chance of ever ruling with the dignity of his fathers, and when Hafporir looks at Draugr, he sees a stern teacher who, even if he does possess knowledge far beyond his years, needs to laugh once in a while. The issue is - they're stuck in the woods together until Hafporir gains enough skill, and enough sense, to rule his ancestral kingdom, that of the wolf tribe.

The wolf kingdom in its ancient, northern world, has seen two decades of peace, just long enough for the spoiled princeling, Hafporir, to reach his twenty-first name day. His fathers, the wolf kings, are desperate to see him ready to lead, despite his ambivalence toward learning to properly fight or to rule, and have sent Hafporir to a handsome and wise sorcerer, Draugr.

But when Hafporir has a vision of an impending threat, one that wants to eliminate all the wolves with human ancestors, he and Draugr realize that they have little time to get complete his training in the ways of the warrior and the sorcerer. As they spar and conjure and spend time only with each other, deep in the magical wood, Draugr cannot help but see that Hafporir's brilliant blue eyes and fair hair are the handsomest he has ever seen. Meanwhile, Hafporir cannot keep neither his eyes off Draugr's tall tattooed body, nor his mind off of thoughts of making him his FIRST!

This series is for MATURE audiences only and is 18+ and contains explicit, adult scenes. Contains a Happily Ever After and NO CHEATING. At a total of over 76,000 words, this is the book to keep you warm under the covers this winter.

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