Wednesday Wine and A Book

Wednesday Wine and a Book segment is for the grown and sexy adults 21+ who enjoy a tasty adult beverage along with their favorite author. So raise your glass. It's always 5pm on #WWAB

Wednesday Wine and A Book

This week's theme is Southern

Todays' Wine choice is 
Southern Point Vineyards Moscato

get it at Walgreens

12.5 % alcohol
Southern Point Vineyard's Moscato is a american varietal - white an American Moscato white wine. Southern Point Moscato is brokered by Horizon bev co-ultra div in the state of New Hampshire, and comes in a 750mL size. 

The book selection for this week is: 

Sewerville: A Southern Gangster Novel by author Aaron Saylor

Get it for your Kindle on Amazon  4 1/2 stars on Amazon

A small-time hood tries to escape the family business in this powerful story of crime and drug abuse in rural America.

The town of Sewardville, Kentucky teeters on the edge of a violent abyss, overrun with methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse. The Slone family controls everything. Patriarch Walt Slone is the town’s mayor and head of one of the largest crime syndicates in the eastern United States. His son metes out justice from behind his sheriff’s badge, while his daughter handles all the numbers for the family business.

Business for the Slones is good, too – at least until Walt orders his son-in-law Boone to kill his own brother. That becomes the first link in a chain of events that threatens not just the livelihood of all involved, but their lives as well. While the Slones move to strengthen their empire, Boone moves to break free and take his little daughter with him. Will he escape from one of America’s most heartbroken regions, or will his dark past bury him forever in the place they call Sewerville?


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