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Name :: L.Sydney Fisher
Your Website or Blog :: http://www.LSydneyFisher.com

I am so happy to have author L Sydney Fisher back for the Winter Writer Spotlight. She has penned two other books that are on Amazon, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford and Waking the Dead (book 2 in the Bradford Series books), This author's stories are inspired by true events and she does a lot of research to imbue her books with authenticity. Referring to herself as the 'Indiana Jones meets the X-Files" type of writer and a book hoarder, she's also a history geek and hopeless romantic.In my conversations with her she seems to be very humble and genuine. 
Without further delay Author L Sydney Fisher

In the Author's Words :: 
L. Sydney Fisher attended the University of 
Mississippi where she earned a B.A. in English.  She earned a Master's in 
Education from The University of Missouri.  She developed a love of writing 
during her childhood years and has continued her love of storytelling 
through inspiration she derives from research.  She enjoys exploring 
ancient history, military history, unexplained mysteries, true crime, NASA 
exploration, and supernatural phenomena.

Content Title :: The Phoenix Mission

So what's it about? ::
Inspired by the U.S. Military's secret psychic spy program, Stargate.  America has a new weapon. Just remember, in the end and under direct orders of the CIA, this never happened.

With permission I have been allowed to share this copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through their website before using any of the work seen here.  ©L Sydney Fisher

Content Sample ::
During the 1990's, the United States Army trained special agents believed to hold extraordinary or supernatural abilities.  The secret program known as Stargate used a method of psychic spying or remote viewing to see beyond normal human ability.  Remote viewing is a term coined by the military, but is otherwise known as clairvoyance.  Although this program was shut down in November, 1995 after a CIA investigation deemed it non-contributory to the military, I believe the project was worth the research, but our probability of harnessing the power behind telekinesis was too far into the future for our current understanding.,

What's on the Horizon? :: More episodes of The Phoenix Series coming Spring, 2016.
And back by popular demand, more of the South's haunted past.  Coming Fall, 2016.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: 

From Amazon::
Explore the fascinating paranormal research once conducted through the U.S. Military's top secret program and get to know Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix. Within these pages, you will find historical fiction traced with a little science fiction and a dose of reality. You choose what's real and what isn't as you meet some of the characters who actually lived during the Stargate Program's operation. Just remember, in the end and under direct orders of the CIA...this never happened.

Your favorite author (s)? :: Too many to list!

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Study the craft of writing and become the best you can be.  Remain dedicated and loyal even in the face of opposition and naysayers.

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