Book Review: Craze

Author Lara LaRue kept me engaged throughout this sexy action packed trip through the galaxy and the world of Vixxia Prime. This was the first time I read this author and I was pleasantly surprised. I hope Misty and Craze have more adventures's a great big galaxy out there.
I really liked the cultural differences between the two when it came to some of the word choices, meaning and eh....other things. The male voice was sharply defined in Craze and his brothers actions, thoughts and speech. 

I really enjoyed this action and sex packed trip through the galaxy and the world of Vixxia Prime. Her book, Craze, book 3 in her Alien Abduction Romance series, has all the ingredients of a well written, enjoyable, romantic sc-ifi adventure. This is a standalone and with an HEA ending.

So let's see what we have here...
A fiesty, overlooked, overworked, under appreciated MC in an ebony skinned Earth girl - check. Yassss bish!
Alien abduction - check,
A lonely hot, hunky alien prince and heir to a throne - check
Danger - check
Betrayal, Jealousy, and a power hungry crazy ex- check, checkity, check
Intergalactic war and alliances - double check
A newfound love, amazing sex scenes and an HEA. You betcha!
All systems are a go for Craze!

Craze is a well balanced romance. Each character is well developed and the world building is awesome. The story line is infectious and like the title... leaves you craving for more of their own story.

This is an easy 5 🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎

Misty (the MC) was looking for love in Manhattan. She was over worked at the NY Times and not having a lot of luck on the dating scene. Thus she usually ran off her frustrations in the park if not having a glass of wine with her cats.
Then she gets abducted by aliens. 
And saved by another alpha alien warrior and the action just keeps on coming. 
This is a real page turner. oh! did I mention there are twins? Yes twins!
I really enjoyed this story. It was very engaging and the scenes were hot, the plot was addictive and the romance was easy to relate to. The characters were enjoyable and stayed in their assigned lanes, playing the part of good, bad, traitor and straight up crazy. I am looking forward to reading more of The Galaxy Alien Warriors Sci Fi Romance series!

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