It's Just a Bunch of Non-Fiction: Day 13

Be Happy! Be Very Happy!: Embrace a new insight into human reality, love, social evolution, science and free education. Explore novel ideas on chaos and creation. Begin a life of joy and purpose.
by author Greg Oliver

True happiness is a force of nature. Master the science of it! Put it into use, and it will give you a completely unfair advantage in all your life's affairs. You need to have this book in your personal library! It will grow to be your best secret weapon. Read it, and activate the power of the universe to expressly work for you now!

The good news is you can do it securely...with minimum risk. Do it now!

It's something that truly works. It will solve most (if not all..!) your problems - forever. It's that simple...

“Be happy! Be very happy!”
is a traveller’s guide from unhappiness to a life of joy, love and good purpose. This book is extremely revealing and powerful - yet so easy to absorb. It leads you through the process of building the knowledge and understanding of the true nature of our existence, which is essential in creating a good personal philosophy of life.

This is a book for truth seekers. There are many profound insights covered in its chapters that will make you think. People like you simply have to read it. Reading this book will help you take a step back and look at the big picture. Your life picture.

Are you truly happy? Is there something important missing in your life?

Do you often ponder what the meaning of your life actually is?

Do you often query whether there is a God?

Do you sincerely think that you have a really good education? In any case, do you know beyond any doubt what a truly good education is?

Do you relate to any of these questions? If yes, then you must read this book.

"Be happy! Be very happy!"
consists of six separate parts which deal with the complexity of these intertwined issues. It will provide you with the foundational skills to build your own holistic happiness. It will help you understand the true nature of existence.

  • Part one is titled: “Myths, happiness and the sense of life”. It deals with the general theory of happiness. It makes blatantly obvious that being happy is the combined summation of all reasons why we exist.

  • Part two deals with various subjects like: genesis of all existence, chaos, good and evil, natural ethical principles, science and laws of nature.

  • Part three is about important characteristics of natural and man-made laws and cognitive optimism.

  • Part four talks about natural personal identity, various social aspects of our happiness, gender balance, metaphysics of culture and disintegration of the spirit.

  • Part five is dedicated to such topics as the concept of ‘satan’, dogmatic systems and the spiritual evolution of the human race.

  • Part six explains what the top quality, free and universal system of education and upbringing actually is.

Before buying this book, take a look inside. The first few chapters explore the general theory of happiness. It’s the starting point of your happiness journey. Purchase this book to reveal the remainder of your road to happiness!

You do not need to just read this book. You need to digest it slowly.
Make your imagination to work for you. Start to foster happiness now. Create your own philosophy of good life and - in turn - this will allow you to be all you can be.

This is the knowledge you’ve been searching and waiting for! All you must do is say: "YES!"

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