14 Days of Love 2018: Day 1

caution-for adult readers!

My Wife…...The Hotwife Author - A Wife Sharing Romance by author Karly Violet

Husband stumbles upon his wife’s hotwife fantasies in the pages of her novels!

Theodore’s addiction to the world of hotwife and wife sharing drew him to pages of hotwife novels. His hunger for the lifestyle grows as he starts to follow his favourite Hotwife author, Lana Maven.

Devouring every book she published, Theodore followed every word, mesmerised by her tales of infidelity and adultery, he felt a growing desire to fall into the author’s world of cheating and seductive betrayal.

Little does Theodore know, that his faithful wife Madelyn has held her own fantasies. Kinky secrets of sharing her body whilst her husband watches her. Unable to live out her fantasies, frustrated Madelyn pens her secret desires in her own Hotwife stories, under the name Lana Maven. Exploring her fantasies while dressing her characters in revealing attire she dare not wear herself, Madelyn lives out her uninhibited sexual fantasies through her lead female characters.

One evening, Madelyn discovers her own books under their marital bed. And certain her husband has been devouring every one of her own fantasies, she decides to confront him on her discovery.

When a Hotwife author and a rabid reader of hers suddenly learn they are husband and wife in real life. The couple find their marriage taking a turn they never once expected, as they begin to explore the wife sharing romantic tale in her latest novel.

A scorching hot 30,000 word romance novella featuring a wife laying her fantasies bare in her hotwife novels, a husband devouring every word of his favorite author unaware the writer is his wife, tales of wife-sharing slowly evolving from fiction to reality and a wife’s passion to explore every inch of her fantasy with her yoga instructor in front of her husband’s eyes. 

Available on Kindle and Print

Public Affair - A Wife Cheating Romance

A cheating wife’s voyeuristic addiction stretches the boundaries of her marriage!

Gabe and Raine are polar opposites, the married couple share the same marital bed yet view the world through vastly different lenses.

Gabe is the more conservative of the two, eschewing crowds when possible and disliking close social contact, with the exception of his beautiful wife, and Raine is ready to experience life to it’s fullest as an artist, free-living in so many ways.

The sultry hotwife has a deep desire to explore her extra marital voyeuristic passion with other men in public, and does so on multiple occasions, with some of the occasions involving her performance art where she creates large painting of another piece of art by having nude bodies roll across the floor.

When the unsuspecting husband stumbles onto his seductive hotwife’s art in progress, despite his initial concerns, he starts to enjoy the show evolving in front of him.

Raine is soon commissioned for another similar piece of art in front of hundreds of people at a convention center, where she performs her seductive hotwife dance in front of a stunned audience including her husband.

The female host of the event finds an immediate attraction to Gabe, and Gabe and Raine find themselves embarking on a journey which will change their married lives forever…..

A sizzling hot 22,000 word romance novella featuring wife-watching, a hotwife performing her adultery in the name of art in front of her husband and a stunned audience.

Available in paperback and on Kindle


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