14 Days of Love 2018: Day 5

Bad Bosses by author Kristina Weaver

More than 300,000 words.
Approximately 1,000 pages.
You've been warned :)

When a woman is in love with the man she works for there are only two outcomes; she allows herself a little office romance…or a lot.

Book 1
Mia has been my everything for six years. She’s smart, efficient and unassuming enough to melt into the woodwork and stay where I need her. That is until she decides that leaving me is the only way to get her life back.

When she runs, it opens up a need in me to chase. And trust me, this predator knows how to hunt his prey. She’s stubborn, sexy and hates my guts but I will do everything I can to have her on my desk, where I have wanted her for months.

Book 2
Isabella is nothing like the woman I see myself with. She’s an ex-cop, a stubborn woman and so sexy she completely breaks the control I have. I walked away from her months ago to save her from being hurt but once I have her back in my sights and in my office there is only one thing I can do now; make her mine.

She doesn’t want me, marriage or commitment; so I’ll give her what she will take, my body. I’ll keep her close and seduce my oh so professional employee because I am playing for keeps and the only room I want to see her in is mine, in my bed. Where she will be adored.

Book 3
Emma is shy, gorgeous and way out of my league. She’s possibly the sexiest woman I have ever met and a temptation that I cannot resist.

I want her. I will have her. The only question now is how to seduce the shy little woman and where to do it. I’m going to seduce Emma Harper out of her shell and bring out the woman. It’s time to be the boss and get very naughty.

BONUS INCLUDED: Shotgun Weddings (+120,000 words). Enjoy!

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