Black History Month Author Event 2018: Day 7

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In the Days of Dread by author Anton Marks


This action-packed near-future thriller is set in a world not too distant from our own and based on a version of London going through cataclysmic racial and religious change. A page-turner.

On the streets of a future London, race hate gangs have been waging a bloody war since the UK's departure from the EU. A united Africa and a struggling European Union have fuelled a dangerously twisted sense of patriotism amongst a desperate few.

In a city gone mad, two people were searching for sanity amidst the confusion.

Yasmeen Beyene – a beautiful Rasta historian, is facing a series of tragedies in her life that are more than mere misfortune.
Asim Marshal – an Ex lieutenant of Special OP’s Africa, has returned from the bloody conflicts on the continent to rebuild a family he nearly destroyed.
They both meet at a family reunion and make a connection immediately. However, their relationship is tested by a family history Yasmeen is just discovering. A history that goes back to the formation of the Nation of Ras Tafari twenty-five years ago. He is an evil leader that wants to become the symbolic figurehead of Rasta worldwide – his ultimate destiny – and who craves Yasmeen’s blood to seal his dominance.

He has killed relentlessly before and would do so again. Only Yasmeen’s determination to find the answers, Asim’s battle-hardened special forces skills and a long-dead Rasta mystic can save them against a demagogue who will let nothing stand in his way.


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