MAY DAYS of YA: Day 2

Forever Winter Box Set (Books 1 - 4): A Future Dystopian Survival Series Adventure by author KM Fortune


Everyone you love is dead. Everything you knew is gone. You were not supposed to wake up.

The Forever Winter series stars Raven Winter, a woman frozen in time from a freak accident, who is awakened over one hundred years in the future. The world has fallen through plague and nuclear war and she must learn to survive in a harsh winter dystopian landscape filled with peril. Using her own steadfast determination to persevere, and with the help of characters along the way, this ultimate women’s adventure emphasizes the message that if you believe in yourself good can prevail.

If you like a story with intrigue and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KM Fortune’s page-turning books. Explore the world of Forever Winter. Buy it today!

Note: This box set contains four serial novels previously published individually:

Book 1 – Awakening

Book 2 – Survival

Book 3 – Discovery

Book 4 – Judgement

And the adventure continues with Book 5 – Tolerance.

***For fans of novels like The Hunger Game (Suzanne Collins), Divergent (Veronica Roth), and Gender Game (Bella Forrest)***

Get the whole 10 book series 


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