Waters Rise by author Emory Towns

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A privileged teen. A mandatory community service program. And the blinding reality of the real world, betrayal, and unlikely friendships.

Ashlyn Waters had the picture-perfect life. She was rich, popular and confident. Every detail of her life had been planned and curated-even her future career. When she gets a draft letter to report to a wilderness work program, Ashlyn is forced to leave her city penthouse for “nature jail.” And just when she met “Blue Eyes.” How unfair. Without her safety net and way of her comfort zone, Ashlyn’s world shatters. Working with complete strangers in the most remote forest, she is faced with unimaginable fears and colliding dreams. Can she survive the next year?

WATERS RISE is a contemporary YA novel with relatable characters, unexpected plot twists and unpredictable relationships.

If you like fast-paced, feel good books that touch on fitting in, reaching your dreams, and making a difference, you’ll love Emory Towns’s page-turning novel.

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