MAY DAYS of YA: Day 4

May the 4th be with you

Behind The Door: Graphic Dark Fantasy Horror
by author Marcus Liotta

Cold. The wretched feeling returned and with it an unbridled fear. His powers were meaningless in the face of this demon. That indiscriminate butcher never paused.
Running. Screaming.

From the Back Cover.
A hand not so unlike his own appeared at mirror's edge, beckoning expectantly. This anomaly was nothing new, but was it real?
Over the years Gabriel struggled with the very foundations of reality, those notions others assume. He was not so blind, knowing everything started with the door.
What came through that dark was grotesque, an inhuman butcher twisting life beyond recognition.
Therapy did nothing, and when the pills were gone he was not prepared.
Friends suffered.
People died.
A truly terrifying question formed.
“What have I done?”

A terrifying apparition follows the same psychic whose every step is laden with chaos. In fleeing he unlocks mysterious powers, yet the past is never far behind, seeing fit to take on a murderous rampage.

Feature Type: Novel
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Horror

Parental Guide
Inside one may find graphic content depicting extreme violence, mental disturbance, and horrific themes. Minimal swearing.
Author’s Recommendation:
Adult or Age 16+

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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

He couldn’t move. Emotions ran through a twisted chaos and nothing made sense anymore. Wet clothing reeked of the horrid mess before him, and the police would be by at any moment. He had called for help but more than that, he could sense their approach. Whether they believed him he couldn’t say.
Time passed slowly, although surely much more than realized. Someone grabbed his shoulder and roughly threw him upon cold cement floor.
“Boy, keep your head down.” The gruff voice was direct and expected no reply. Metal cuffs clicked into place, binding hands in an uncomfortable manner. From the ground more than one set of feet were seen but of the three figures no face was visible.
“What happened here?” The words left an uncomfortable silence in their wake, failing to solicit any response from a trembling teenager.
“Son, I asked you a question.” Shaken slightly by cuffed wrists, it was obvious he need reply. After such awfulness, how? The boy hesitated and slowly inhaled before releasing. He was mortified, a trapped creature overwhelmed by fear and guilt. These men were no match, nor could they comprehend. Simply put; there was no one else.
“I-” a single word escaped before he took another deep breath. Fighting back tears and baring teeth, he nodded across the unfinished basement.
“I opened it!” He shrieked.
All turned to a large door centered in the room. The ugly thing was sprayed with fresh blood and further marred by arcane symbols burnt into wood. It stood eerily without frame. An officer crept forward and immediately the boy began screeching nonsense, struggling to stop him. He was ignored and the handle turned.
Uncertainty developed and caution took over. A pause and finally they thought better. All at once the door creaked and fell backwards, crashing with enormous racket.
No one moved.
Eventually another voice broke the silence “let’s get this kid out of here.” Just like that, the strange thing lay forgotten.

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Stranded on Planet X-3: A Suspenseful Science Fiction Short Story

A lone survivor wakes amidst wreckage, only to determine he does not know who he is or what sparked this disparaging arrival.
Memories of a distant past come and go, yet nothing makes sense.
While learning more he must fend against the savage world around him and find a way to escape the horrific planet X-3.
Then again, he might just be stuck forever.

Type of Work: Science Fiction (horror/survival) short story.
Traditional Print Length: 54 pages.

Parental Guide:
Inside one may find brief violence, mental unrest, and thrilling mystery. Horrific depictions may scare younger ages. This work contains no swearing.

“Reality is binary. Right and Wrong, Good versus Evil. Beyond the veil exists only Black or White, for there is no Gray.” –Marcus Liotta

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