Review: Bad Boy Revelation (Alpha Bad Boy 1)

Hey there my lovelies! I gotta new Book Review for you! Reader beware- this review is of an erotic series and contains 18+ content.

I received an  arc for this short novella directly from the author for an honest review.  I am finally getting around to reading it. So apologies on making you wait a bit for the scoop on this one. It was published in January this year and this series has been rolling hot and heavy ever since. (Pun soooo intended here)

Bad Boy Revelation is a quick salacious read with an aggressive female pursuer. Its a stand-alone and can be read in one sitting.  In 3 words...HARD. FAST. DIRTY.

Author Sloan Howell introduces us to Bad Boy Bryce in the first book of his new Alpha Bad Boys series. This is by the erotic author that penned THE MATRIARCH, PAYNE CAPITAL and THE PANTY WHISPERER series.

You know that old saying that preacher children are the worst....Well in this story you will get a taste of just how naughty one can be; first hand. The action picks up quick and I literally had to page back to make sure I did not miss anything. ...ok and it was hot as hell so yeah...that!
While Bryce leaves you with your panties in a hot little wad in your hands you have to admit that MC Ester was a determined little minx of unfulfilled need. You know they also say the quiet good girls are the hottest! There is lots of symbolism thrown into the erotic mix which gives the story an oddly conflicting air of being oh so naughty. And you can't help but to like Bryce. He tries to be good. But he is 100% Alpha and eventually does what we crave him to do. But I will leave the kindle scorching details to you to enjoy when you pick up your own copy. Author Sloan Howell delivers the sexy in this short read!

My two cents
The insta-love was a bit of a stretch, it felt more like insta-lust which I am perfectly fine with. At the HEA ending, it was wrapped up quite nicely. I liked the Bryce character and honestly would like to have a little more back story on him and maybe going forward a second story maybe from his pov. The level of heat brought by the author was explosive and a bit of a different 'stroke of the pen' from some of his other writing. The location of the story had my good girl panties in a bit of a quandry...but after I took them off and read with an open mind it was a good little super sexy read. You are probably going to hell in a hand basket with this one but enjoy the ride. There were a few little minor edits missed but no big deal. Adult language, content, violence and just a hint of taboo sacrilege round out this debut Alpha Male Bad Boy series.

My favorite line in the book:
"I know what you want. And you can't have it." His voice was rough and intense.

I give this book 4 stars.

The Author- Sloane Howell
Sloane Howell lives in the Midwest United States and writes hot romance stories. A former college baseball player turned author, when not reading or writing he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports, playing with the dogs, traveling, and engaging his readers on social media. You can almost always catch him goofing off on Facebook or Twitter and trying to convince Mrs. Howell that it is "work"

I am currently reading my way through this series and will have more reviews soon. In the meantime get your own copies!
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So take a look a look at this hot new erotic series and leave a review of your own.

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