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Who She Readers here is a fantasy series you are going to want to keep an eye on. Book 1 is currently on sale for .99! released last October.

Swords of The Phoenix Queen (Gods of Blood and Fire Book 1) by author A.J. Strickler

After decades of training under his mentor Gildor, Kian Cardan walks out of the Blue Dagger Mountains with little on his mind but a strong desire to return home. Now a master of the ancient techniques of the Elven warriors, the time has come for him to defend the weak, and combat ever present forces of evil. But a cruel welcome awaits him, and he soon falls into the company of K’xarr and Cromwell, two mercenaries who appear to
 be harbouring a dangerous secret.

Hard times have befallen the kingdom of Bandara, and when the king dies the crown is passed to the princess Raygan, instead of her older, more ambitious brother. With war drums beating in neighboring Abberdon, and sinister schemes festering within the castle walls, the Princess Raygan turns to the three unlikely allies for salvation.

Only time will tell if the courage in Kian’s heart is great enough to overcome the growing darkness in his soul.

Gods Of Blood And Fire Series
• Book 1: Swords Of The Phoenix Queen
• Book 2: Song of Fury
• Book 3: The Star of Saree - Coming Summer 2016!
• Book 4: Coming Fall 2016!
• Book 5: Coming Spring 2017

Song of Fury (Gods od Blood and Fire Book 2) by author A.J. Strickler

Kian Cardan isn’t short of enemies. Known throughout the lands as ‘The Slayer’, he struggles against the wrath of a powerful pope, dangerous sorcerers and malevolent gods, all of whom hunger for his destruction. Even Kian’s brother fears the inhuman swordsman, and betrayal lurks in every shadow.

In Masaria, K’xarr and his band of renegades seek riches and glory. The infamous usurper Malric Denn has called for warriors to join him in his stand against the papal army, and K’xarr’s decision to aid the unpopular king sets him and his men on a violent course.

A citizen of the ill-fated kingdom, Ashlyn Sweet, knows little of war and greed—or that she’s about to receive a brutal education in both. The talented circus performer lives for the roar of the crowd, but when her path crosses that of the men defending her city, her dreams of stardom are swept into the wake of a greater cause.

With Kian’s friends in grave danger and Masaria on the edge of destruction, the young warrior must once more embark on the bloodstained path that will one day make him legend. But the greatest monster of all is closer than he realizes, waiting to strike from the depths of his own heart.

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