Friday Recap

It's Friday
I did a quick last minute wedding right before it started raining.(you can see pics soon on and got home and realized I had not posted anything for today....I am so sorry about that.

Its been a busy week, with the start of Spring and all.

Spring cleaning, getting our floors tiled and that whole thing. Thank God for the internet or we would have never learned all about grout haze and sealing the floors (which I luckily found out he was not doing after he was halfway through the job.) and such. Oh and that MFD baseboards are really just pressboard. Yeah that was fun. The fight of the grout haze continues....(sighs and shakes head. I have tried vinegar and water, baby wipes, plain water and dawn. It is not going away! Argh!

So with all the extra squatting, I re-injured my knee and my foot has swollen up like a loaf of bread. Fun times....Not! So I have temporarily been sidelined against the grout haze fight.

So while I am resting and icing my knee, I just wanted to remind you of all of the good stuff that was on Who She Reads this week. We had Cover Reveals, Book Blitzes, New Releases  and Second Look Books.

Vampires, YA and Romantic Comedies oh my!

It's ok if you missed out earlier this week, I have got you covered!

Tales of Ever by author Jen Wylie

Shopping For A Billionaire's Wife by author Julia Kent

Blood Reaction and Blood Distraction by author DL Atha  (read the short story for free)

And the Cover Reveal for author Amy Braun's Damnation's Door read the 1st Chapter free

In the Hope of Memories by author Olivia River

Give these amazing authors a look see. Enjoy your Friday Reads! or make them your #weekendreads!
Have a cup of tea and a good book


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