Second Look Books: The Speak series
This author published the first book in the series last Spring. If you missed it then take a second look and see what you think! Say Nothing,  Book 2 followed in the Fall of 2015.

Say Something ( The Speak series) by author T.A. Roth

Twenty–two-year-old Ari Munoz prefers to keep men at an arm’s length. So when her best friend Vonne guilts her into going to a frat party, she couldn’t think of a worse way to spend her night. That’s until she sparks the interest of love’em and leave’em Ben Rodriguez. She knows she shouldn’t trust him, but the electricity she feels when they lock eyes is something she’s never felt before.

Twenty-two-year-old Ben Rodriguez has it all, and his senior year marks the beginning of even bigger things to come. He’s a football star, fraternity president, and his endless pick of beauties makes him the envy of all of his frat brothers. So why is a pair of long legs and hazel eyes making him want to throw out his rules?
Ari has her secrets.

Ben has his rules.

What happens when both your pasts threaten your future?

Say Something…

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and here is the anticipated second installment in the series
Say Nothing (The Speak series) Book 2 by author T.A. Roth

After years spent harboring a shameful secret, I finally felt...alive, reawakened and brave. 
Willing to break down my walls and let love in. Let him in. 

We had conquered our pasts. The truth had set us free, and we were looking toward our future. Until a crazy twist of fate brought my worst nightmare back into my life. 

The voice and soundtrack to every one of my haunting dreams now had a face. One he won’t easily let me forget. 

The hits Ben endured on the football field will be nothing compared to the devastating blow his heart will take if he finds out the whole truth. He knows the story, but he doesn't know the monster. Not like I do. 

Just as the wounds of my past had begun to heal, he's come back to rip them wide open. 

Maybe some things are better kept from those we love. 

Maybe some secrets are never meant to be told. 

Maybe it's better to Say Nothing.... 

*Authors Note: This book is intended for a mature audience (18+). Contains adult language, sexual situations, and stalking.    Purchase on Amazon

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