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I was given a free ARC of this book by the author in exchange for a honest review. This is an author I found and reached out to from NetGalley. (and I am so glad I did!)

πŸ‘ΏIts Vampire book review time....gather round my lovelies!

I love reading paranormal romances but especially in the Vampire genre. So I was really excited to read this author for the first time. I was down with the flu and thought this would be a welcome distraction but I was a little more under the weather than I thought so getting started was delayed. Once I got into the book I flew through it. So you will too.

Silver In The Moonlight

Yay! A Vampire book review!
This my lovelies,  was a different experience in the vampire genre. First off this book contains two stories. The first reads more like a YA romance book and the second is definitely in the new adult genre, (dare I say skates into the erotic) which I am perfectly fine with.
Reading these two books together felt like eating a sweet candy with a decadentsurprise in the middle.

The first book, Shadows in the Moonlight by author Rita Ames was a sweet coming of age romance between a witch Kora and a vampire Etienne and of course as luck would have it there is another paranormal antagonist, Galen, to complicate the balance. Galen gives the  story just a touch of darkness. I really enjoyed this light read. The characters are relate-able and  well described.  The story moves at a good pace.

Kora finds an instant connection with Etienne and their relationship turns out to be more special than they could have hoped. Poor Kora is continuously plagued by Galen whom she cannot see, but feels. His evilness, as she grows up, comes to be accepted as a part of her life. You have the sense of his bearing down, a kind of impending doom as it were, on the story as he travels ever closer to her. This story has loss, adventure, magic and love.

To my surprise, the story ends in a bit of a cliffhanger so I am anxiously waiting for the next installment. (Lucky for me author Rita Ames has sent me another one of her works to keep me occupied until she gets back to book two in this series.)
I give this story 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The second book, Drunk on Silver by author Raven Delehanty was an exciting short story full of action, adventure and passion. Vampire Silver falls quickly for innocent Jasmine and quickly sees his life and hers change. It is sexually charged, fast paced and has a lovely HEA. I really enjoyed the story and all the action. I read it in one sitting. However there seemed to be some editing issues throughout. not really enough to detract from the story but hopefully addressed in later writings. I look forward to reading more by this author.
I give this story 4 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐


From Amazon

A Paranormal Adult Vampire Romance - Double Novella 

Book 1 - Shadows In The Moonlight - Rita Ames 
Etienne Tousand was just passing through until he spotted an Angel walking in the shadow of the moon. He was bewitched and no matter how hard he tried, his feet refused to take him any distance from her. Like a moth to a flame he returns to seduce his Angel and make her his. 
Kora Tanner is the last Tannyre Witch and soon she will ascend to untold powers bestowing a special gift to the man she chooses as her mate for life. When their passion overflows something astounding happens. Something that neither of them know how to control. Only Aunt Moira and the Tannyre coven can help them unravel the truth and enable them to live and love without fear. They should stay away from each other for safety but it is more than they can manage. The dark man that has haunted Kora's dreams, enraged that she has chosen another, sets out to claim what he believes belongs to him. As Etienne and Kora revel in their love, danger approaches. Powers beyond their control are now at work. 

Book 2 - Drunk On Silver - Raven Delehanty 

An outbreak of Red Velvet addiction is spreading through the Vampire world. Silver and his second Chase are up against the 1000 year old Thornton in an effort to stop the distribution. 
On a dark night Silver tracks what he thinks is merely his next meal when he ends up saving the beautiful Jasmine from a nasty attack. She discovers a love and passion she has never felt and admits she is drunk on Silver. He cannot let her go and as their love blossoms, evil closes in on them as Thornton tries to rip Jasmine from Silver's possession. Nothing can prepare them for the wrath of an ancient Master Vampire. The race is on to save Jasmine and stop Red Velvet from bringing down their Vampire Clan. 

Two very different books for you - Recommended for 18+ due to extremely hot and passionate Vampire love within.


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