Book-less Thursday

So today I am giving you a bit of a "book"  reprieve. I don't usually share much personal stuff because I am just not really a sharer in that aspect. But this post is of a little personal insight.

No cover reveals , no new releases, no second look books, no writer spotlights, no Wednesday Wine and A Book Posts. The truth is I am exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well for about a week. I think I may have a skosh of anxiety.

Oh and did I mention the hubby is getting the flooring done. Finally, He is able to get this horrendous flooring replaced. So no more carpet. But....the noise is overwhelming. Especially for someone like me, that suffers from debilitating migraines. I actually feel bags coming under my eyes. Not sure why I am not sleeping, and when I do I am actively dreaming. I tried taking a half of melatonin but I still dreamed and did not feel rested at all.

Hopefully the tile gentleman (he is an older man) will be done by next week. By next week I think my hubby and I will also be a little better with our Spanish. I am excited to see how wonderful it will look upon completion.

Today I am going in to get a CAT scan.

Yesterday I performed and photographed a wedding and that always takes a lot out of me.  I will have some pictures up soon on Facebook  and Tumblr   if you are interested.

So I got up this morning and took a relaxing bike ride around the neighborhood.  I am trying to be more active and lose weight and get back to a healthy lifestyle. I am really trying to lose this weight with the help of the S Health app and the hubby just bought me a Samsung Gear Fit which I cannot wait to use. Ok... so enough sharing for today.

So today no book related anything. I think I am going to go to the gym after the test.
So wish me luck and for the sake of all of the wonderful authors out there please take a look at some of the posts from the last few days. just scroll down, take advantage of the deals and free book options.

Don't worry! Tomorrow I will be back with a Cover reveal post for you! Enjoy your book-less Thursday.


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