12 Days of Holiday Stories: Day 1

This Man for Christmas Complete Series Box Set (A Holiday Romance Love Story) by author Nella Tyler

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It’s not as bad as it sounds. Widowed for a year, Maggie Bowling is trying her best to live as her husband would have wanted her to. She still manages his classic car mechanic shop, which means she still sees his best friend, Banks often.

Banks Wheaton wants to help Maggie, that’s what best friends do. But the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to be more than her dead husband’s best friend. He just wants her. 

Make this holiday special with Banks and Maggie. Available on Amazon

Firefighter Christmas Complete Series Box Set (A Firefighter Holiday Romance Love Story) by author Nella Tyler

Yes, I get it. I’m a firefighter with the name Blaze. Irony at it’s finest I suppose. My job isn’t easy, but there are some perks. Like on Christmas night how I was called to the most beautiful girl’s house I’ve ever seen. Too many lights on a too dry of a Christmas tree led me to Sami. Her voice was so calm and gentle; she watched as my crew put out the fire on her family home.

“I don’t know how we could ever repay you” were the best words I could have heard come out of her mouth.

So she took me up on a New Year’s Eve party. The night was perfect, until my ex-fiance Lacey showed up. Sami’s eyes were filled with fire when she realized who Lacey was. Was my old flame meant to die? Was my new spark supposed to be my future?

Turn up the heat this Christmas with Blaze and Sami.  Available on Amazon

Christmas Billionaire (A Billionaire Holiday Romance Love Story) by author Nella Tyler

Few of us ever share so much as kiss with our childhood crush, so when adulthood arrives without Dexter ever making a move, Mazie is unsurprised. They go their separate ways, he moving up the ranks of the company their fathers share, and she becoming an elementary school teacher.

When they reunite at a company party, however, suddenly everything seems possible. Sparks fly and they make plans for a date. But things are complicated by the relationship between their two families and Dexter’s relationship with his father. Is it possible to get over both the obstacles from the company and a past that makes him leery of love?

Spend the holidays with Dexter and Mazie  Available on Amazon




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