Start a Series: from the UK- The Bite Me series

All Change: Bite Me #1 by author India Taylor

Saffron’s life is turned upside down when she gets bitten by 
a strange girl. Nothing can prepare her for the events about to unfold. When the boy of her dreams, and most people’s nightmares, falls for her they quickly realised that they are natural enemies by design.
The supernatural world has never been so exciting and so incredibly dangerous. Shifters, vampires and fey get together to fight the corruption that holds the country captive, and only a Saffron holds the key. The real question is, whose side are the angels on?
Bite Me: All Change is the first in the Bite Me series. Enter the supernatural world and you’ll discover romance, passion, horrors and fear. There is no escape.

All Angels go to Heaven: Bite Me #2

Jameson is a bad angel; he enjoys women, liquor and, well, sin in general. When he fell from the Kingdom, he was given the opportunity to earn his residency back by doing some angel assignments. When Jameson meets Melissa for the first time he's tempted to follow his lust but keeping her safe turns out to be harder than he thought. As Melissa's enemies rack up, so do Jameson's, but he soon finds friends in strange places. Hot paranormal romance with plenty of succubus action in this epic adventure.

His first assignment to save a group of shifter teenagers from the Council comes back to bite him and his options run low.
In e-book and print

Reaper: Bite Me #3

The pack are back and using their unique skills to track the terrifying and formidable Doctor Weldon with his extreme experiments. Who knows how many deaths are on his blood-soaked, dirt encrusted hands? Saffron has to make some big decisions, but danger sticks to her butt like skinny jeans. Jameson has a meltdown, and Julian is stretched to breaking point as their world is turned upside down. Can his hot new human doctor really work alongside bloodthirsty demons? What they really need is a working reaper, but can they find one in time? And can Arthur bring Saffron home when she’s tricked by a king who only wears tattoos to cover his perfect pecs. Not everyone will get out alive.

In e-book and print

Claws: Bite Me #4

There's a reason why werecats are so rare, their blood is sweet and delicious, particularly to vampires. It took hundreds of years to bring the shifter species to near extinction, but something is about to change that.

Grace is a hardworking single mum with a non-existent social life. Her life is perfectly boring, that is until she decides to try internet dating. If men who lie about their marital status and knock ten years off their profile age were all she had to worry about then dating wouldn't be too bad, but things get tricky when she meets the cute, if a little awkward, Matthew.

Meanwhile, back at HQ things are pretty quiet, no one knows where the Council have gone or who is now in charge of the supernatural elements. Things can only get worse because the King of the Underworld disappeared with them. All hell is about to break loose, come along for the ride?

Available in e-book and print


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