A BWWM Football Romance

Hard Pass by author Raven Rivers
a BWWM Football Romance

Just released on November 26, 2017

Jackson doesn’t really have time to play daddy.

When college football star Jackson Scott has a bad day, he really has a bad day.

After a bar fight and a run-in with an unsympathetic waitress, he slinks home to find a baby he didn’t know he had, and the child's mother insisting they spend some quality time together.

With the NFL draft coming soon and his grades not graduating material, however, Jackson doesn’t exactly have time to play daddy.

Now he not only needs a tutor, he needs a nanny as well.

A serious, hard-working scholarship student sounds like a good first step.

Naomi is saving every penny to finish school and pursue her dream job writing for a big newspaper.

When she loses her part time job as a waitress, she applies with a nanny service in hopes of finding a way to pay her tuition.

Imagine her surprise when the star football player she had words with days earlier turns out to be the man she's now nannying for!

When these two opposites settle their differences, an unexpected romance begins to blossom.

Will a meddling mother and a stern coach tear them apart? Will they overcome the obstacles that threaten to ruin their dreams?

author Raven Rivers
From her cozy apartment in upper Chicago, Raven pens her steamy interracial romances that are infused with spirituality and moral conflict.

34-year-old Raven got her first story published ten years ago and hasn't stopped writing since!
Her passion for crafting believable worlds and characters has never waned, and she hopes you'll enjoy her unique romance stories.

**** This is a standalone full length BWWM romance Novell with an HEA. ****
Your copy of "Hard Pass" (approximately 50,000 words) includes a BONUS BOOK by Nia Wilson 

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