Newly Released: Wild For The Mountain Man


Retreating from civilization was the best decision of my life, the only next step to avoid more tragedy to people around me. After all I’ve gone through, my boss’s summer move to the cabin next door should be easy enough. He’s also my best friend. He and his wife are the only real sense of family I have left. The only people who braved this mountain over the years to make sure I was okay.

Then I discover their move is a package deal with their daughter Jane, who has a new summer intern job at the mine where my boss and I work.

I haven’t seen Jane since what feels like forever.

When I do, everything changes.

She has a body built to bring a man like me to my knees.

I keep my distance for as long as I can, but the longer I stay away, the more my desire grows, the more she consumes me.

And when she saunters into my cabin claiming she wants only me, I have to have her.

She my boss’s daughter, my co-worker. And barely legal.

But none of that matters. She’s going to be mine.

Author’s note: this book is sinful, dirty, and thoroughly naughty for your entertainment.

I didn’t invite her into my cabin or to my bedroom, but I sure as hell won’t ask her to leave. Not now. Not when she’s begging for it. Not when she’s spent the last two weeks reminding me with just her eyes that she and I have unfinished business.
I glance across the room and my eyes land on the trail of clothes she peeled off her body on her way from my bedroom door to the side of my bed. Under the dim moonlight shining in through the sliver of open space between the heavy curtains of my bedroom windows, every flowery item of clothing seems feminine and out of place in my room. From her silky panties and bra to the tank top and short shorts she had on when I saw her at the edge of the woods a few hours ago. I follow the dim stream of light to where it falls on her body, making her creamy skin seem even mysterious and inviting. I can stare at her for hours, but fuck, tonight I won’t. I need to feel every square inch of this woman. I’ve held off for years before I met her, and although I’ve avoided her for only two weeks, I can’t bear to go without her that long. Waiting another second feels like fucking torture. Before I met Jane, I had grown used to being alone in my own world out here in the woods. I was celibate by choice for years, didn’t want another woman after my wife passed away five years ago. But since the second Jane showed up, everything changed. Now, every minute that I push down the temptation to fuck her causes my fixation on her to grow more urgent.
And now she’s right here.
In my cabin of her own free will.
After I chased her away.
Without my asking.
And fuck, I’m ready to break every rule for her.
She tilts her head toward me and gives me a thoughtful smile. Just as she does, she parts her legs wider, showing me more of her pink, glistening pussy, inviting me without words. I plan to invade her, possess her and leave my mark on her with my mouth, tongue, teeth, hands, my cock and my seed. I’m already hard as steel but just one look makes my dick harder and causes my balls to tighten. They’re in overdrive, filled and ready to burst, so much so that I can feel some pre-cum leave the tip and soak through my boxers to a spot on my dirty work pants.
Seeing her in my bed, in my space, lying there on my bedsheets she looks so comfortable. It’s as if she’s always been here, and well, maybe this is where she belongs. I just hope she understands what this means for the both of us.
I’ll hold her to the promise she just made.

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