Writer Spotlight update

Hi Lovelies
Did you miss me?
I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July.
I watched the neighborhood display from my living room window. The noise irritates my migraines so I don't go to the field. But its better. No mosquito bites and grass itchiness. All the spectacle and none of the overwhelming noise.

I took a few days off due to a 3 day migraine binge, a bra blow out and a bout of depression. During that time I rearranged my office, hurt my knee, replaced my bowling bowl that somehow managed to get a huge irreparable crack in it...did I tell you about that already...oh well... I sold my original office recliner, donated my office chair to my daughter, got a new Serta office desk chair for full figured people, ordered a new recliner from Kanes Furniture for reading ARCs and doing book reviews...ok and taking naps (yay me) and decided to update my blog site some.

I also gave two of my three bookshelves filled with books to my daughter who is currently writing a book for the LGBTQA+ community while working two jobs. So going forward, I am not going to accept any more physical books or ARCs. The hubs shamed me for having so much paper in my office. He was right.

I made some changes to the site pages- feel free to peruse and see what is new.
There are some updates made to the book review form. I am still not accepting any additional ARC's unless I reach out to you personally. Before requesting a book review please visit the review page and check out my review style to see if I am a good fit for your writing.

I just updated the questions on the Writer Spotlight to include an for featured spotlight authors and more questions on the Writer Spotlight Lite version. I am currently looking for 10 fresh and new who have not participated yet as Featured Authors for July and 12 new authors for August.

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