Book Review: Asleep

This is my review for Asleep.
Author Krystal Wade provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This books takes an insightful and fascinating look at mental illness through stellar suspenseful storytelling. If this type of subject is a trigger please read at your own risk.

The book starts out with our MC Rose in the backseat of her parents' car on the way to the Shepherd Institute.  She doesn't believe that she belongs there and decides to make a daring and risky escape. This chick actually jumps out of a moving car and runs off into the woods....and that is just the beginning of this action packed story.

We follow Rose through her, at times, horrifying journey at the Shepherd Institute. We are left wondering what is real and what is not, who she can trust and who she should fear. Time is not even as it seems. Her talents and fears have manifested themselves  into horrifying nightmares. And those fears are used against her threatening to be her complete undoing. All of this in an effort to make Rose look within and see who she is and why she is there. Honestly  I was afraid I would start having nightmares. And the loss of time during the story was a bit unsettling.I really like when books move me emotionally. Author Krystal Wade is masterful at it.

The characters

Rose- a creative, yet defiant and strong willed young woman trying to  navigate life while battling mental illness.

Dr. Rosewood - the doctor assigned to treat Rose who has some very interesting issues of his own and methods of treatment.

Nurse Judy- the kind hearted nurse who tries to help Rose and becomes like a second mother.

Phillip- Another patient at the Institute...or is he?

Megan and Josh- friend and boyfriend of Rose. Their part in Rose's life and current situation  will surprise you.

There are other characters but these are the most dynamic.

My two cents
This is an extremely well written story with depth and character you can feel emanating from the pages. While it is fiction, it could easily be the story of millions of people in institutions around the world.  The author let's us into Rose's mind (which at times my friends, is a mind field of craziness)  as we battle with her against enemies real and imagined as she finds out scary truths about herself and her captors.

Author Krystal Wade has conjured up a heck of a good story, one that moves along at a good pace and has you rooting for Rose in all of the insane action to find herself, find her way back to her life and maybe even love. I liked all the twists and turns in the plot.

She experiences betrayal and so much more that I cannot even begin to tell you it all. You will just have to read this one.
Lucky for us and Rose it does have a HEA, but many times during the story you kind of come to not really expect one. Her fiestiness sees her through.

I give this book 4.5 🔎🔎🔎🔎

Asleep is available on Amazon


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