Orlando Shooting

There will be no book  post today in honor of the lives so unreasonably taken in the City Beautiful (Orlando, FL)


Once again as I mentioned in a book review last month... why do all of the lunatics come to Florida?

Hatred, made you travel all those miles, to our city, take the lives of others, to cowardly massacre them and then take your own life. There will be no peace for you in the afterlife.

Little known fact to those out there... A  portion of the people that attend Gay clubs are not gay! They just go so they can have a good time without the drama of douchebags and douchbagettes at the non gay clubs. Plus the drinks are prettier. You can go out and party and just dance in peace. It's supposed to be a safe place.

As I ran errands with my husband today I was so proud to see the selfless individuals standing in long hot humid lines to try to help the ones that will be forever changed by the choices and self righteous thoughts of an individual who had yet to understand God's Love for us all.

My heart was with you  but for being outside of the US at a specific time in my youth I have been banned from giving blood. First it was the heart murmurs then travel.  I can't give blood but I can definitely offer up unending prayers for  my city.

And a beautiful voice has been silenced once more way too soon:

50 lives lost , 50 souls that will no longer be the next good thing our future may have needed.

We are still #OrlandoStrong

Be SAFE Love more. Learn more. Ignorance is not an excuse


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