New Release: Lesbian Billionaire

Here is an author that comes highly praised. If you are looking for satisfying lesbian romance, mystery and fun. You have to check out this collection

Four Lesbian Billionaire Blockbusters

Licking to the Top
Saudi Lesbian
Innocent Slave
Tongue Candy

Excuse me,” a beautiful Middle Eastern woman says.

She has a whole group of girls standing behind her, all with incredible bodies and all dressed in the same provocative outfit, but each in a different color. All the girls have on a see-through mesh bikini top, a G-string thong, and a short mesh skirt. Their high heels match the color of their dress. Each girl has a gold chain around her stomach that matches the gold bangles in her ears, and all except for the one who has just spoken to Debbie and Billy Ann have a sheer cloth covering their mouths, like a sexy genie in a fantasy film.

“She must be the leader of the harem,” Billy Ann snickered to Debbie.

“I am sorry to bother you,” the leader of the group says politely. She is dressed in silver, unlike the other girls who all have outfits in bright colors.

“It is really no problem at all,” Debbie reassures her.

“There is someone who requests your presence on the dance floor,” the girl tells her.

“Me?” Debbie asks, pointing at herself.

The girl shakes her head and gestures at Billy Ann.

“I am happy to go, but I won’t leave my friend here alone,” Billy Ann tells her.

The girl nods in agreement, and she leads both woman out onto the center of the dance floor.

The music changes when they arrive, as if the DJ is in on what is about to happen. A fast-paced, rhythmic song with the twang of a sitar in the background begins to play as the harem of veiled girls form a circle around Billy Ann and Debbie. The silver-clad leader disappears suddenly, and the two woman are left alone.

Moving in choreograph, the harem began a sultry dance. They thrust their hips and shook their asses as they moved around the two women in a circle.


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