The Sunday Catch-Up Recap

This is the first Father's Day that my dad has not been on this earth. RIP daddy.

Its, Sunday Morning and the beginning of a new week. I stayed up late looking over my posts and realized something was amiss. It's literally 12:41am
Looking back I see I have not done about 2 weeks worth of weekly recaps. Don't you hate when you think you are done with something and then.. oh no... you're not! 
So here you go from week 2 of June. My apologies Who She Readers, been super book busy! So grab you morning coffee or tea and Enjoy! I will be reading all day after lunch with the in laws for some upcoming reviews!

Book Review
Asleep by author Krystal Wade

Writer Spotlight
Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall

Book Blitz
Killing The Sun
Dating An Alien Pop Star
The Exiled Seven

Second Look Book

Cover Reveal
Saved By a Soldier
Viewing Room

Celebrate LGBTQ book Month
Lesbian Billionaire

New Release
Safe With You
Damnation's Door
Skin and Bones

And from the first week of June. So if you missed any of these authors, books or giveaways you are all caught up.

Writer Spotlight
author Eliza Davis

Book Blitz
Je Suis `a toi
Maybe Never
Halfway Hunted
Leaving Me Behind
Fated Memories

Cover Reveal

New Releases
A Reason to Stay
Hold You Against Me


Book Blitz: Cloaked in Blood book 3

Featured Writer Spotlight and Interview: Author Robb T White

Book Blitz: One More Time Is not Enough