Book Review: BrewGirl

This is my review of BrewGirl by author Eliza David.

This is a whirlwind of a story taking place over the span of a few short months and it is jammed packed with drama, sexiness, betrayal, cheating, spying, lying and interracial romance and sex. If any of these things gets you "all up in your feelings" (omg I so hate that term... but was challenged to used it)  then this may not be the book for you. But if you enjoy a good saucy read with a strong female MC...then honey... I say dive right in and do not delay.

This book combines fluid story telling with a nice balance of emotional drama, and sexy interspersed throughout. It's a story of a young woman losing herself in lust and reclaiming herself in love. The characters and situations are realistically portrayed and stay true to the story line.

And the characters are....

Zoe (ZoZo ) Taylor - a strong, self proclaimed feminist of mixed heritage, not interested in needing a man, self sufficient, successful but falling for the one person who could possibly undo her

Franny- Zoe’s brother and fraternal twin. Married to Stacy who may or may not be cheating

Stacy- Zoe’s best friend and her brother Franny's wife. She swears nothing is going on. Move along nothing to see here (Yeah right!)

Ben Ramirez - Zoe’s  best guy friend that is like family. Zoe's rock.. but she doesn't see it. Hr knows something she doesn't know!

Nick- oh sexy, slick Nick. The new coworker on the latest BrewGirl campaign. The guy who gets what and who he wants. Trust me he will have you wanting him.  Absolutely the type of guy all mothers warn their daughters about. The kind you don't bring home to mom. The kind of guy who just is who he is (I see you playa)

Diane - Zoe’s eccentric boss and close friend. Let's just say Karma is a bitch dahling!

Marjorie and Paul- Franny and Zoe’s  parents. They have a secret of their own!

There are more characters but you have to read for yourself to find out more.

BrewGirl by author Eliza David

My two cents...
I like that the backdrop was a beer company, a neat and unconventional job for our MC. Go fem sisters! I liked that she was strong, independent and took her pleasure seriously. But alas, the heart sometimes gets fooled by the excellent, toe-curling, make you scream to the rafters, sex.Come on ladies we can almost all think back to at least "that one guy" who rocked our socks off but was not much good for the long term. The one who warns us that he is no good and makes us believe they will change for us....yaassss . You know someone ladies.

Throughout the story, you find yourself kind of routing and pleading with Nick to not be the type of guy everyone sees him as, including the reader, I was like doing it ever few pages... everyone but Zoe that is. And just when you think things can't get worse... oh they soooo do! No one will be safe in the fall out or will they? I guess it's gonna depend on where they fall.

Rule #1 Don't Date sexy coworkers
Rule #2 Don't F*ck sexy coworkers
Rule #3 Don't fall in love with the sexy coworker
Rule #4 Don't expect a cheetah to change his spots (pun intended)

Author Eliza David does a wonderful job in writing an intelligent, plot rich story, that  moves right along and carries you along for the hectic ride. She uses strong and slightly unconventional, yet fully believable and relate-able characters, which is a breath of fresh air. She takes a realistic situation that anyone can understand and turns it into an entertaining and well thought out story. There is a lot going on in the story so it does not drag at all and has an HEA for some of the characters.

While there is quite a bit of sex happening it does not drive the story nor linger in the details. You may begin to question if ZoZo is a little slutty or just a sexually confident woman. I like to think the latter. In this instance it was fine just as it was and I really enjoyed reading it. Get it on Amazon!

(spoiler alert) There will be a second book coming!

I give this book 4.8 

My favorite line ...Ok actually 2 favorite lines
"So after I play Spy Boy for you at yoga, may I taste a slice of your cantaloupe tonight?"

"Don't you dare cover yourself when you are alone with me. Don'the rob me of the pleasure of looking at you."
(BBW's everywhere just stood up and slow capped Nick)


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