Weekly Recap

It's the weekly recap...I know its a bit late but I have had a lot going on.
The past week and 1/2 I have had a lot of great authors and books on the Who She Reads blog . I even had two amazing authors in the Writer Spotlight.
What's that you say?
You have missed some of the awesomeness?
You mean that you have missed the author interviews, the excerpts and the giveaways of giftcards, and books?
No worries my lovelies! Here 's a nice little recap all in one place for you.
If you hurry, you might even be able to catch up on some of the Giveaways that are still out there!

In the Writer Spotlight

author Bambi St James  goo.gl/i1Wbtb

author Eliza David  http://goo.gl/V7fPP2

BWWM New Releases

Tending the Billionaire and The Accidental Bride   goo.gl/MDP9rH

Book Blitz

Mirror Image  http://goo.gl/LKLu8f 
Play Your Heart Out  goo.gl/CasQBQ
Summer Heat  goo.gl/9b2Rds
Chased  http://goo.gl/vZNF5p
Wednesday  http://goo.gl/R2hN3f

Cover Reveal

#SWAG   goo.gl/FMiOke
Smoke & Metal  http://goo.gl/sd5Gxe

Book Review

Night of the Shadows: Murder and Mayhem   goo.gl/130FsW

New Releases
Eternal Heat  goo.gl/35RRhB
Hot and Nerdy 2    goo.gl/Fal8Zx
The Heart's Journey Home  http://goo.gl/aGfVOl

Hurry and catch up because I have even more amazing books and authors coming up in the summer months! This has been the weekly recap on Who She Reads.


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