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I like to wander around to see what kind of neat things I can find for a dollar. Yep a dollar. So I often find myself in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. I recently discovered that they have books for a dollar at Dollar Tree and not just paperbacks. Family Dollar and Dollar General can range from $1-$8. Be advised Family Dollar and General Dollar only get books sporadically, However Dollar Tree usually has a dedicated section to books. If you see something you like definitely snatch it up because it won't be there forever. Don't feel bad about being book savvy.

Granted the books are not usually the hottest thing out right now, but it's a great way to find authors you have not read yet and try them out without spending a ton of money. I remember finding a pretty decent book haul about a little more than a year ago at a local Family Dollar and the sales rep stated they don't usually carry books because (their demographic) doesn't seem to be interested in reading much. This store was in a primarily White and Hispanic area so I was quite surprised by her response. But eventually figured she must have meant financial demographic. I mean seriously, I love browsing in Dollar Stores but it's true, I have never said "Honey I am going to the Dollar Store to buy books." Well as you can see, that has definitely changed. I love my cheap reads.

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The funny thing is when I shop at Dollar Tree I am that crazy shopper who will still ask at the register "is this really a dollar?" I know they probably want to punch me in the face but some of the deals are really unbelievable. I check the inside covers and the back jackets and we are talking about books that at some point sold for over $20. These are now pretty cheap books. So yeah....unbelievable and so thankful especially now when my income is so limited. In addition, since I have started this book blog I am finding use for some things around the house that I can use in my photographs for #bookstagram postings on IG @weddingsbooksnwine

You can also find great little items to dress up you book posts for Instagram posts
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This week's Dollar Tree Book:

When money isn't enough for Brooks Kennedy, Morgan Childs, Storm Dangerfield, and Hope Andrews, the women decide to take over the governor's house in...

California has never had a female governor and Morgan Childs is determined to change that with the help of her friends. Gathering the backing of the wealthiest women in California, she convinces her best friend, Brooks Kennedy, to run for governor.

Morgan's campaign strategy is nontraditional, but she knows her plan to sexually blackmail each of Brooks's opponents is virtually foolproof. Once she convinces the team of her tactics, they do whatever it takes to get incriminating evidence on Brooks's opponents.

One by one each candidate is forced to withdraw from the governor's race, and Morgan couldn't be happier, until someone attempts to kill Brooks. With so many enemies, Brooks has no idea who wants her dead.When a secret is revealed, Morgan feels betrayed and will stop at nothing to get revenge. Now, Brooks doesn't know who to trust and the women stand to lose more than they bargained for.

About the author

Mary B Morrison is a New York Times best-selling  author who also writes under the name Honey B. She is at the top of the African American fiction genre addressing social and sexual issues that impact relationships. Find out more about Mary B Morrison  AKA HoneyB on her website

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The next time you are in Dollar Tree take a look at the books on the shelf. You may be surprised at what you find. The have paperback and Hardbacks available for a dollar....Yep a dollar! Enjoy the dollar deals. Dollar Tree Books. Fill your bookshelf with awesome cheap reads!

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