Review: A Wish Made of Glass

This is my review of A Wish Made of Glass

A Wish Made of Glass is a beautifully told story of a young girl coming of age by Christian Fantasy writer Ashlee Willis

A Wish Made of Glass draws you into the fairy-tale like atmosphere and the magic of the fey folk as they danced with young Isidore. This story surrounds you in her world as we follow Isidore as she is learning to deal with loss and change. Just as she dances with the fey of her childhood in a place somewhere between this world and theirs, they keep watch and try to guide her throughout her life.

The introduction of her step sister Blessing (a true fairytale beauty) and her step mother give us a true glimpse of young Isidore's personality. There is a darkness in Isidore as she grows, borne of deep loss, jealousy and stubbornness causing her to reject her family and what she eventually deems as 'childish things' and soon forgets about the fey of her youth

She is not the dainty damsel in distress but a normal and quite flawed human girl.

Throughout the story, Isidore is burdened by the choice of right and wrong and the consequences of such choices. She is brooding, contemptuous, acting out in jealousy and at times selfishly casting away the beautiful light that could be her life for shadows instead. Eventually, Isidore sets her sights on an object that should make the world right again for her.

In the beautiful telling of this story is truth and lessons and the tiny sting of reality that we can all find in ourselves.

Through it all Love remains constant, pure and patient and in the end it may be said that love saves Isidore as she learns that it has always been there for her taking. She just had to choose to embrace it.

In true fairy-tale fashion there are balls, gowns, masquerades and magic but told with a hint of darkness and not quite how you may expect. There is a "Prince" and a very special Fey that has been with her all along waiting and watching  in the shadows. This story at times feels familiar, like a slight brush on the insecurities most girls have felt at one time or another and yet like a retelling of another fairy-tale,  but it is so much more. I really enjoyed this book and highly suggest you read it for yourself.

The storytelling is unexpectedly poignant and beautiful.  It will stay with you long after you have finished the last word.

I give this novella 5 stars

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A Wish Made of Glass
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