Writer Spotlight: NicolaJayne Taylor

Name :: NicolaJayne Taylor
Your Website:: http://acessive.wix.com/enjaybutterfly#!bio/c1ktj

Genre- Horror

In the Author's Words :: Hi, I am a horror and erotica writer. I released my debut submission to an anthology and got my first publishing deal with my debut sub of a novel. Both hit the best sellers chart. The Curse of Mary is horror with erotica weaved in there. My influences are Graham Masterton, Barbara Erskine and Dean Koontz.

Content Title :: Call of the Moon

So what's it about? :: This is about Lindsay Delfino who is having a tough time - a relationship break up, her car is in the garage, her cat is
missing and her work load is heavy. She begins to receive prank calls, she
has a nightmare about a strange dog that she saw on her way home from work
and again at her garden gate. She gets a prank call at work, her boss Lee
Waterman comes into seemingly help her but He knows more about her problems
than he is letting on.

With permission I have been allowed to share this copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through their website before using any of the work seen here

Content Sample :: Lindsay could hear the sound of a clock ticking loudly  but there was no telling where the sound was coming from, her heart pounded and her skin felt as on fire. She ran fast through woodland, barefooted, wearing just her night shirt and shorts. She didn't want to look at what she was running from but knew it was fast on her heels. Rain lashed down, a gale wind blasted at her and all the while she felt as though she was running towards the moon. It was bright and huge on the horizon. Suddenly she fell hard, her breath caught in her lungs and then as she turned on to her back. Lindsay screamed. She saw teeth and those eyes - crystal blue eyes and recognised them. The dog that she had seen on the side walk and  again at her garden gate was now pinning her to the ground of a dark mist ridden woodland. The dog's teeth were so very sharp and glistening with saliva that dripped on to Lindsay's chest. It growled at her fiercely, then opened its jaws wide and quickly came down on her face...,
©NicolaJayne Taylor

What's on the Horizon? :: I have had so many releases this year that I will 
be taking some time to write the follow up to Call of the Moon, in book 2 
which will be a full length novel we get to see the characters more and 
this next one will scare the pants off of people. I have a lot of projects 
that need finishing because releases have taken priority.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: My readers from around 
the world can get my book from amazon 
The Curse of Mary and Call of the Moon are available in print.

Your favorite author (s)? :: Graham Masterton

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Be yourself and write what you enjoy
reading. Don't over think things, just go for it. Keep it real. Also edit 
your work around a hundred times before sending it to an editor then when 
your editor hands it back. Read it again and again, out loud, in your head 
and have somebody read it out to you. It just has to be done, it isn't easy 
or for everybody.

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