Writer Spotlight: John Williams

Name :: John Williams
Your Website or Blog :: http://www.wormholemoon.com

In the Author's Words :: I am inspired by Self-help books and Science Fiction which are also my writing genres.

Genre- Science Fiction

Content Title :: Wormhole Moon

So what's it about? :: "Worm Hole Moon" is a story about two Earth, Space  Command astronauts that crash land on a seemingly insignificant moon in a  sector of space light years away from Earth. Little do they know, the moon  secretly conceals a black hole that is a portal to an alien civilization.

With permission I have been allowed to share this copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through his website before using any of the work seen here. 

Content Sample :: The Earth ship "Colossus" has corrected its coordinates. 
It then targets and fires the Quantum Cannon at the "Mok-Tar" with the  power generated from its remaining two engines. The Quantum cannon strikes  through the bottom of the ship at a raising diagonal angle until it exits  through the rear. Scores of "Mok-Tar" crewmembers are vaporized and  significant damage is done to the ship. Vital systems of the "Mok-Tar" are 
now fused together, never to be repaired again. The "Mok-Tar" loses its  cloaking ability and is now plainly visible in space.

©John Williams

What's on the Horizon? :: I am always working on new projects. Currently  "Wormhole Moon II" is in progress. I am also working on a course to teach  others how I publish books. Finally I am working on a book that discusses  the role of "The Minstrel" in today's modern church.

Where can readers purchase your books or content?
:: http://amzn.to/1BKxbrT

Your favorite author (s)? :: Tom Clancey, John Nance, Edgar Rice Burroughs,  and W. Somerset Maugham

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: 

Begin with the end in mind and research  your audience. Write about what you know. Do not be lazy about your  research for your book, especially if it is in the Sci-fi genre. Sci-fi  readers are a very particular bunch. If they perceive something like the  science or facts are not right, they will call you on it in your reviews.  Finally, effort to write a great story. Forget about movie rights and the alike. Good and bad stories can always be made into a film. Make sure yours is the good story.

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