Writer Spotlight: Marcus Woods

Name :: Marcus Woods
Your Website or Blog :: www.blackshhh.com

In the Author's Words :: In a nutshell, I love putting words together that make people laugh, learn and think.

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Can a one night stand derail their budding romance? Can Devin  conquer lust to covet the love he has found with Lucy? Devin "Dab" Banks is the quintessential alpha male who could careless about monogamy.......and then he meets Lucy. But ....
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Content Title :: Fitness 4Play: One Night Stand

Content Sample :: After making up some excuse to get out of the  conversation with a random chick, I made my way towards where pink dress sits. I sat next to her and asked, "So your husband decided to leave you alone, uh?" She jerks her head around.
"My who?" she replied.
"You know? Your husband, the guy, you were talking to after you stopped  dancing."
"Oh! He is not my husband. Just some guy talking to me about modeling. He 
said he has a modeling agency and I would be a perfect model to shoot. Wait 
a minute! "Were you watching me on the dance floor", she asked, curiously.
"Who? Me? Not a chance!" Some birdie flew on my shoulder and told me that," 
I respond.
"Oh. So you got jokes. What is your name, Mr. Joker?"
"I'm more of a Batman than a Joker but it is all good. My name is Devin. Devin Banks.
My friends call me Dab. And who may you be, Ms. Pink Dress?"
"It is definitely not Ms. Pink Dress," she replied, laughing. "My name is 
Lucy Jackson."
"Oh. So Lucy like the TV show, "I Love Lucy." I hum the theme song to the 
show.  Lucy laughs, hysterically. "So I see you are not lacking in the humor 
department, Mr.Devin. Well, what do you put your mind too these days?"
So what else aren't you lacking in?" she asked with a mischievous smile.
Her question indicated one thing: She is feeling me. In fact, she wants to 
fuck me. Her vibe told the whole story. However, I never assume anything 
until I close the deal (i.e., the woman is in my bed).
"Hmmm. Well, I'm not perfect but I strive not to lack at anything I put my 
mind too," I replied in a deep, smooth tone.
"Huh? Are you asking what I do for a living?"
"Yes, sir."
"Oh. Well I'm a personal trainer. I work at the Freewill Fitness gym."
"Oh ok. Well that's good. I have several co-workers who are members at 
Freewill Fitness."
"Cool. So where do you work?"
"I work at Baptist Memorial Hospital. I am a nurse practitioner."
"Oh ok." So if I ever drop a 100lb dumbbell on my foot, you would be the 
woman to call, huh?" I said with a smirk.
"Well, I hope that never happens but I guess so," she said, laughing.
"Well alright then. It's settled. So what made you put on that pretty pink 
dress and come out here tonight?"
"Well thank you. For one, it has been quite stressful at work this week. 
Having to deal with patients, upper management and crazy doctors, I needed 
to unwind."
"I feel you. After working hard all week, who wants to sit at home and mope 
on a Friday night?"
"Exactly! That's why I brought my old butt to The Premiere tonight."
"Old??? You can't be no more than 25 or 26."
"Wow! I wish I was still that young. I'm actually 32."
"Wow indeed. You look fantastic. Hopefully, you won't grow skin wrinkles 
overnight." I joke.
"You show know what to say to a woman in her 30s," she counters. "So how 
old are you?"
"I'm 25 years old."
"Oh ok. You're a youngster. It's nice that your parents are letting you 
stay up past your bedtime."
"Oooh! Now look who's got jokes. Well I assure you, I can stay "UP" just as 
long as you can." Lucy crosses her legs as she sips her Martini drink. Her 
light brown eyes intertwine with mine. Our sexual chemistry is so apparent 
that Stevie Wonder could see it.
"Well I'm about to go and grab something to eat. Care to join me?"
"Hmmm. That sounds like a good idea to me. Let's go to the IHOP on Union 
We left the bar and went to our respective vehicle. She drove a red 2012 
Audi RS5. She definitely has taste in cars. As we make our way to IHOP, I 
could not help but fantasize how good Lucy will taste. It is going to be 
fun welcoming her to my world.

© Marcus Woods
What's on the Horizon? :: I'm about to finish and put out the 2nd 
installment of my book series. It is called Fitness 4Play: Business Mix 
With Pleasure.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: 

Your favorite author (s)? :: Honestly....myself

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Some people going to hate your writing 
and some going to love your writing. Make sure you be on the latter side.

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