Hello Sunday

Sunday Mornings are such a beautiful time for reflection, rejuvenation and relaxation.
Starting off the day with some personal meditation, prayer with God or what ever your belief system or even just spending quality time with your family is is a great way to recharge and get ready for the week ahead. When looking for a book to talk about today I looked on a book shelf I rarely go through and found some books that I thought were gone still on my shelf. I was hugely relieved and surprised.

One of the books I found was a very small yet powerful book.
I remember when I got this book and during that time of my life it helped immensely. You or someone you know may be going through a trial or struggle and maybe this book will help.

The Prayer of Jabez also known to some as the prayer for increase

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, president of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, takes readers to 1 Chronicles 4:10 to discover how they can release God's miraculous power and experience the blessings God longs to give each of us. The life of Jabez, one of the Bible's most overlooked heroes of the faith, bursts from unbroken pages of genealogies in an audacious, four-part prayer that brings him an extraordinary measure of divine favor, anointing, and protection. Readers who commit to offering the same prayer on a regular basis will find themselves extravagantly blessed by God, and agents of His miraculous power, in everyday life.

Since it is Sunday I wanted something uplifting and inspirational and was wondering if I had a particular set of books I purchased a long time ago but never read. They are still in the original package but upon closer inspection I noticed they had suffered a small chewing fate from a rabbit we had when we first bought the house 6 years ago. Most people would say it was a small thing but I guess you would have to be a book lover to understand. anyways these historical novels are clean fiction romance reads and something that would be perfect for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The Grace Livingston Hill Collection 1 and 2 
This is a 4 book collection

It's all wrapped and ready for you to open, this beautiful collection of three novels by the famed Grace Livingston Hill and one extra surprise from Grace's aunt, the inspiring novelist Isabella Alden. It's the gift you've always wanted - stories of strength and wisdom that will encourage you and enhance your own life today. There's the hope-filled Because of Stephen, the blessed solitude found at Lone Point, the spontaneity celebrated in The Story of a Whim, and the inner strength born in An Interrupted Night. You'll find comfort for your soul as deep and warm as your favorite throw and as soft and soothing as a cup of tea.


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