Writer Spotlight: Rebecca Warner

Name :: Rebecca Warner
Your Website or Blog :: www.rebeccajwarner.com

In the Author's Words :: I believe in the womanly power women possess, and their ability to control their love lives because of it. All of my books have female characters who shape events around them, and are not dependent on a man's approval to make their own lives interesting and exciting.

Content Title :: Making the Most of Your Womanly Power

So what's it about? ::
"He's Just A Man" is about helping women understand the power they have simply in being a woman. It shows women how to become the best and most confident they can be, so that they can navigate the ins and outs of dating from the driver's seat.

Content Sample ::
No matter how rich, powerful or handsome a man is, he is 
still just a man. As basically as it can be said, he operates from one 
place. One place. He is such a simple creature in that respect, and 
regardless of the trappings that surround him, it all comes down to that.

What's on the Horizon? :: In August, 2015, I will be publishing a self-help 
love and romance relationship book for women called, "He's Just A Man: 
Making the Most of Your Womanly Power".

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: http://goo.gl/h3Yl99

Your favorite author (s)? :: Patterson, King, Toole, Steinbeck, Child

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Those words just don't magically jump out
of your mind and land on the page! You have to sit down every day and put 
your thoughts on paper. Before you know it, your book is complete!

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