Writer Spotlight: J Bango

Name :: J. Bango

Your Website or Blog :: http://jbangobangoj.blogspot.com/

In the Author's Words :: My own novels tend to bend towards a contemporary and satirical view of the world with regards to all relationships˗˗friendships, lovers, family, education, career, all of it. 
There is no normal despite the fact that some spend a lifetime pursuing it. Normalcy is in the dysfunction of life. It’s there; that the real fun and our most memorable times are created. Without loose threads, there is no laughter, no surprise, no reason to seek out anything or anyone. Simply put, I love characters who do what they want to do and make no excuses about it. They thrive and grow on experiences, which is exactly what the goal should be˗˗total freedom with no regret.
I am a voracious reader when I'm not writing. My interests vary quite a bit with what I read and I guess that's what keeps me constantly searching for new concepts and perceptions. Nothing wrong with the classics mind you. Discovery can be found everywhere and it's enjoyable to see the birthing of imagination in others as they put pen to paper.
It is also fair to say that I am very much the enthusiast of the solitude and beauty that nature offers. Whether it be a lone sandy beach in the tropics, the gorgeous high country in Arizona or the ominous forests of upstate New York, I enjoy all of it. From time to time, I'll frequent a local brewery for a stout or two, but I certainly would never throw my nose up at a nice glass of red in the nighttime hours. Especially a rainy night with that perfect new book. Cheers!

Content Title :: Island Lies (+18 content)

So what's it about? :: Herein, rests a story filled with deception, sarcasm, overflowing lust and a splash of treacherous adventure. All ending, ironically; rather happily due to a little luck and a sizable amount of forgiveness along the way. For the majority who survive that is.

Content Sample :: Jess motioned for another refill while Felicia surveyed 
the area. She was trying to make sure that nothing Jack was left behind. 
Nothing indicating foul play, anyway. Given Jess’ stories about their 
playtime together in the office, a black light against his leftover semen 
on the couch would be evidence for an entirely different scandal. One in 
which I highly doubt anyone here was willing to cleanup tonight. She and 
Devon were now going back and forth about something totally unrelated to 
this night. I zoned out for a minute and to the best of what I can pick up 
on, they were discussing some bar on another island. Something about 
shopping for men.

     “I’m just saying; if we rent a nice RV, all of us can cruise down there and pretty much acquire every guy in the place.”
     “Devon. Hurry up and finish mopping. I am so not into hanging around a fresh crime scene all night,” I interrupted.
     “He pulled the gun on us, Toby,” Jess said, looking over at me.
     “Do you really want to explain that to the sheriff, Jess?”
     “No, not really. Hurry up, Devon.”
     “I’m trying, you guys. Try mopping in eight-inch heels.”
     “Well, take them off,” Felicia said.
     “No way. I love these shoes. Look how tight they make my calves and ass 
look, Felicia.”
     “They really do.” She said, surveying Devon.     “Man, you do have the 
body, girl.”
     “Can we focus here?” I asked. These chicks weren’t fazed by anything, 
anymore. This island is a bubble and their heads would never find an exit 
marked “Positive Mental Health” ever again.
     “Devon, what are you going to do when your boyfriend asks about your 
summer? You better start collecting alibi brochures now,” Jess chimed in, 
     “Not necessary.” She propped her mop up proudly, letting her perky tits 
greet us once again.
     “How so?”
     “I broke up with him this morning.”
     “Really!” Jess shouted.
     “Yes ma’am. Our relationship is old and toxic. Can’t do it anymore.”
     “I knew you would,” Jess smiled. “You just needed a little space to get 
some perspective.”
     “Screw perspective. I needed to get laid my way for a change.”
     “By an entire island,” Felicia added.
     “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I said, looking around the circle 
and truly not understanding the way any of them functioned.
     “What are you laughing at, Jess?” Felicia joked. “You conquered Key 
Largo well before Devon was on scene.”
     “True. Beer me, bitch! Key Largo is my pussy’s destiny, ladies. The 
island understands me.”
     “I hear that, Ma.”
Devon and Jess toasted with a clank, bottle to bottle. I was ready to puke. 
I also assumed that I was about to be designated driver. When Felicia 
finally decided everything was as routine as routine gets in this shithole, 
the discussion turned to the remainder of the night. Due to Jack’s cock 
blocking with this stupid meeting, no one had dick to take home. Except 
Jessica, of course. All eyes diverted to her and with one slam on the bar, 
she invited all of us back to Ryan’s place.

What's on the Horizon? :: My latest release, "Island Lies," is set for and 
August 6th release and is currently available for pre-sale purchase. I am 
discounting the digital version to $1.99 during that time period. Paperback 
version will also be available.
     I am also playing with idea of beginning the final novel in 
the "Gypsies" series--the follow-up to "Skin Trader" and "Evie's Tribe." 
The concept of a military/current affairs/fantasy is also on the drawing 
board, however. As usual, too many ideas to choose from (not a bad position 
to be sitting).

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: 


Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Best advice I ever received on writing: 
don't write with the anticipation of making money, you probably won't. In 
addition, do not write content to please others--write the books you would 
want to read yourself.

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