On Sale - Playing House

New in Women's fiction and for just a few more days you can get the romantic comedy Playing House by author Tammy J Palmer for just .99 cent

Ginny Cotton, bike riding, chess playing, loan processor, has set a new goal: find someone to have sex with. Soon. As in tonight. It’s the only way to get over Jason, her best friend, the guy she’s been waiting for since high school---the guy who is now engaged to her sister. Ginny saved her virginity for Jason because he doesn't believe in premarital sex. What better way to finally get over him, than to sleep with someone else? The hot guy Ginny meets through a dating site seems like the perfect choice. There’s only one problem. To achieve her goal---and Ginny always achieves her goals--- she must first overcome the anxiety that has been holding her back her whole life.
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