Review: Counsellor-Acquisition Series book 1

I received a copy of this book from the author Celia Aaron so I could understand and review her upcoming book Magnate which is the second book in the Acquisition series available on Jan 19th. This review was not solicited.

Before we get started, I must warn you this is a dark romance fiction and is written for adult readers. There are appropriate warnings in the book before you start reading so from here on out, you have been warned my friend and yes you are on your own.

Now with that Bullshit out of the way...

Sidebar thoughts...
Have you ever driven by huge  homes and wondered, what they did to get them, if they were happy, what atrocities where happening behind those closed doors and manicured lawns?

Welcome to the deep south. Louisiana to be exact. Where old rules and customs have only appeared to fade on the surface. Ruling families and dark deeds intertwined with money, power, corruption and sacrifice are the menu option of the day.

Our heroine, Stella, immediately finds herself in a no win situation faced with the threat of her father's imminent demise or sacrificing herself for the sake of her father. It does not help that the one making the deal is the one man she hates. The Counsellor, who is waving the opportunity for her father's freedom in her face, is also the same man who is determined to acquire her in this deal.

From the beginning, their interactions are like flint being struck. Burning hot and bright and then settling back into a harsh, cold existence. Taking the deal, Stella, as well as the reader, has no idea what is in store for her as all of the main players in the story are tight lipped. Good job, author Celia Aaron.

But there will be trials along the way. The question is only this: will we be able to survive them?

So let's meet the characters shall we:

Stella- she is the daughter of the guy who may or may not have 'Bernie Madoff'd' some people. She has her own demons to face and overcome while being forced to make impossible and often painful decisions

Dylan- the stepbrother. Too close to Stella. (A little ewwww) The only other family she has besides her father.

Mr. Rousseau- Stella's dad, not sure if he is as innocent as he may appear to be. The reason Stella is in this impossible situation.

Sinclair 'Sin' Vinemont- The oldest son of the Vinemont clan, The blue eyed devil that wants two things. Everything and then some.

Lucius Vinemont - the middle son of the Vinemont family and someone you don't necessarily want to be left alone with, even in the daytime. A bad boy who is the part.

Teddy Vinemont - The bright eyed youngest of the Vinemont family. His innocence intact so far, is a refreshing compliment to the story. Makes you wonder what went so wrong with Sinclair and Lucius.

The Vinemont help- unlike some stories of this caliber, the maids and butlers all have an emotional stock and story that welds into the plot making it more than a salacious read but a story with depth and character.

Cal Oakman and Red....assholes, assholes, the assholes in the dictionary by the word asshole...Shall I keep going? I think you get my drift

There are others but I have to leave some morsels of surprise for you. And they are deliciously unexpected, making this story all the more interesting.

My two cents-

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of the series. There is a lot of sexual heat, sinister plot twists and She gets dark, all packed into book one. I found that the author's writing made me feel a tumultuous amount of emotions ranging from anger to laughter and even getting a bit excited. My stomach knotted in fear and the acidic taste of pain lept off the pages as I read. I loved being so wonderfully drawn in. Some situations took me to the edge of my comfort zone which I appreciated. The story, Counsellor, is at times, raw and grating, but exciting and thrilling all the same. This is a full on story that takes traditional class-ism and turns it on it's head in a cruel, sadistic, torturous tale, ending with a mouth dropping cliffhanger - 'I think I actually said What the f***!'  which leads you headlong and salivating to get your hands on book 2.

I give this book 5 stars

A last word of caution...
There is some sexual content and very adult language throughout the book. Some of the scenarios may border on extreme. Again, this book is not going to be for everyone. And if you are looking for a light hearted romance with an HEA. This book may not be for you. Hell, this book is definitely not for you! Only the strong and adventurous need to buy. Oh and with that note, here's a link.
Get it on Amazon

The second book Magnate comes out in just 4 days. Yes, my lovelies... I already got a chance to read it and will share it with you next week. I can't give you any spoilers...buttons lips and puts the key in the drawer  Just know that you are gonna love this series get Counsellor today. and get ready for Magnate on Jan 19  read my review for Magnate on Jan 20


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