14 Days of Love- Day 10 (2017)


Torn by author Terri George


“Their journey to happiness kept me involved to the very end. It definitely wasn’t a smooth journey, but I loved it and I loved the way Terri George wrote it.”

The H/h’s best friends from Frost Trilogy are back and now it’s Aiden and Jen’s turn to steam up the pages of their story and possibly fall in love.

Aiden Byrne is out to prove that a Nice Guy can win the girl, but the girl in question isn’t going to be that easy to convince.

Men don’t last long with Jen. She has no trouble sticking to her golden rule: treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen and get shot before you get in too deep. That is until Aiden slips in under the radar, striping away her defences and worming his way into her affections.

One HEA coming up... Oh, if only it were that simple, but life and love rarely are.

Just when it looks like Aiden’s on the brink of having everything he’s ever wanted, the unexpected happens forcing him to question how good a man he is.

Aiden’s TORN between doing what’s right and doing what makes him happy... Either way, whatever he decides, someone’s getting hurt.

author Terri George




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