Black History Month Author Event Day 4 (2017)

The Baby Dilemma: A BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel by author Cleo Jones

Having a baby is never easy…

Asher Salling is a handsome business tycoon and the very definition of a commitment-phobe. In his younger years, Asher made a mistake unlike any other: He let an amazing woman slip from his grasp over a simple misunderstanding.

Now an adult, Asher finds himself in a dead end relationship with a woman he's not sure he even truly likes – let alone loves. Little does he know, he’s about to get reacquainted with the same woman he let go so long ago: The one and only Bianca Martin.

Bianca is a successful real estate broker who moved back home after college for a fresh start. She’s smart, independent, and she’s always taken great pride in the fact that she doesn’t need a man to get things done. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t have her yearnings…

Asher and Bianca reconnect without even trying, but things reach an impasse when Bianca falls pregnant with Asher’s child after a night of nostalgic-induced passion. This forces the two to acknowledge skeletons they’ve long since buried, but will one tiny heartbeat be enough to keep them together?

You’ll have to read to find out...

The Baby Dilemma is a 50,000 word BWWM pregnancy novel about a pair of soulmates finding their way back to each other. It's a standalone romance with a guaranteed happy ending. Included is one free bonus novella. Reader discretion is advised due to scenes of a graphic sexual nature.
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