14 Days of Love- Day 8 (2017)

Promises, Promises by author Josie Bordeaux

Isabella “Izzy” McKenna just escaped a long term relationship. Relationship? More accurately a disaster: Two years of being dominated and controlled by a handsome and powerful man. She finally leaves him when he pushes her too far, and finds herself finding solace in an old friendship from college.

Izzy couldn’t have predicted that rekindling her friendship would also open the door for something new. She falls into an amazing, loving relationship with Z, a bar owner and a breath of fresh air. He’s gorgeous and fun, even if at times a bit jealous. 

As Izzy inches closer to happiness, she can’t help but fear her troubled past will keep her from finally finding the love she’s always searched for. Even within the safety of her friends and Z, the question keeps her up at nights: Will her controlling Dom return to ruin the love finally in her grasp?

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1SP1EC7           

author Josie Bordeaux




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