14 Days of Love Day-14 (2017)

Seduced (Dangerous Episode 1) by author Ella Ardent

A temptation claimed…

Kendra thought it harmless fun to pose for pin-up photos for her boss—until the company is suddenly sold and her new boss catches her trying to retrieve the pictures. Reid Stirling is a successful, gorgeous entrepreneur with a reputation for getting whatever he wants—and he wants Kendra. Kendra can’t believe her luck when he offers her the job as his very personal assistant—and she’s quick to accept, independent of the terms.

Reid believes it won’t take long to teach beautiful and impulsive Kendra Jones a lesson, but her enthusiasm is both unexpected and seductive. There’s nothing Reid loves more than control, but Kendra’s love of risk is infectious and he finds himself becoming obsessed with training his enticing employee.

As Reid and Kendra explore private passions together, neither is aware that they’re being watched—by a killer determined to have his revenge on Reid at any price.

Dangerous was originally published in nine installments and a complete volume. It's been updated for 2017 and restructured into three episodes called Seduced, Shattered and Satisfied.

Ella Ardent is a happily married writer who believes that love conquers all. She loves to explore the passion and power of secret fantasies in her books, and to give her characters the happy endings they deserve.

I am pretty sure that after reading book 1 you are going to be more than ready for the rest of the series



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