14 Days of Love- Day 12 (2017)


The Sexy Tattooist by authors Claire Adams and Joey Bush

The Sexy Tattooist
Graham is a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Chloe is a poor, little, rich girl, happy to use her privilege, but ashamed of it at the same time. But despite Chloe and Graham’s differences, there are key similarities. Namely, their dysfunctional families and their love of art.

Sure, the dysfunction is radically different in the two families, but the impact it has had on the two of them is profound. And their dedication to art, while taking different outlets—he a tattoo artist and she a painter and sculptor—bonds them. 

On a whim, she has him ink her, and as he works, sparks fly. These sparks lead to plenty of passion, but also plenty of conflict. Her parents want her with someone of high standing, someone from their world. And his mother wants the same for him. 

Can these two overcome their families and backgrounds and forge a future together? Or are they really too different after all?

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