Black History Month Author Event Day 2 (2017)

Loving Black Men: An Anthology

Violence against black men in America is increasing, in their own neighborhoods and at the hands of law enforcement. The injuries and fatalities have become so common that many are becoming desensitized to the continuous news and images of brutality. The proof is in the commentary on news outlets and social media. Many expect nothing to be done, because so often nothing is done. Thus, the Loving Black Men project.

The authors who contributed to this project wanted to do more than share their opinions on social media. They have come together to illustrate with words the value of human life, especially that of males of color.

With their narratives these authors have declared war against ignorance that breeds intolerance, and fear, and racism. This is their weapon to counteract the hate speech mongers, the politicians and the commentators posing as news broadcasters.

Through their stories and poetry they fight wielding swords of enlightenment.

Though these authors have declared war, the Loving Black Men anthology isn’t about hate. It’s a project about love.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated to charity.

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Ariel Diamond
Author Untamed,  @chazz_untamed 
Akil Victor,
Christopher Bynum,
Eartha Watts Hicks,
Kim Golden,
Mel Bynum,
Sekinah J,


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