14 Days of Love- Day 4

It's true that Love is not a destination but a journey!

Journey to Love: Manhattan (New York City Romance #1) by author Mina May

Manhattan Romance, Journey to Love: Manhattan, is the first book in the New York City Romance Series. 

Jenn, a graduate student from art school in a small town in the UK, out of the blue is brokenhearted at the crossroads of her life. What path is she going to choose? The one that takes her to the place where everybody thought she would end up, where she is not good enough for all the big things she always dreamed about? Or will she choose the thorny road to the stars? 

This is a touching novel about unbreakable friendship across the ocean and the hidden strength in everybody to do unbelievable things. A book about giving second chances and forgiveness. A happy ending story about grand love in New York City that made a girl reach for the stars and prove everybody wrong about her. 

***This is a stand-alone romance with a HEA.***  Get it on Amazon


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